Policy models provide the framework for moving policy forward. However, not all policy models will be effective for all priorities. Therefore, it is important to appraise policy models with the specific advocacy priority in mind.

choose from four policymaking frameworks, the one that best fits your advocacy priority. You will construct a written response, with evidence, explaining the selected framework, providing specific detail regarding how it is the best fit and will move the priority forward.

Review the twelve policy models outlined in Health Policy: Applications for Nurses and Other Health Professionals (Chapter 9, pp. 119-125)
Consider which of the twelve models might best fit your priority determined in Week 2.
You are encouraged to search the literature for examples of how the selected policymaking model has been used in the past.
Review the exemplar examples in the Week 4 Learning Resources.

In your response, explain why the framework best describes how you might proceed in effectively moving your advocacy priority forward in the policymaking process.

Support your response with evidence.

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