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desires power for her and her husband and she needs “night”; she needs heaven and light to unnaturally disappear. After the murder of Duncan, and the proclamation of Macbeth as King of Scotland, there is a change in the atmosphere throughout the court and the country. This is due to the disruption of the natural order as a noble, Macbeth has killed the king, Duncan, ruining whatever fate had already planned. This is proven when Ross comments on the matter : “By th’clock ‘tis day, / And yet dark night strangles the travelling lamp, / Is’t night’s predominance or the day’s shame / That darkness does the face of earth entomb / When living light should kiss it?” (II, iv, 8-12). Scotland should be in broad daylight, but it is still pitch dark outside. This shows how unnatural Duncan’s murder was. It seems that night has won over day once and for all. Evil has managed to overpower good. Macbeth, in this case evil, has taken the throne of Scotland away from King Duncan, representing good. Further on into the play Macbeth’s vile insanity intensifies and believes he must have Banquo and his sons killed as they were prophesied as future kings. Throughout the scene there is some references to the light and dark imagery: “The west yet glimmers with some streaks of day.” (III, iii, 7). This is said by the First Murderer who is expressing that there is still a bit of light, but it is setting. Since a unnatural, not supposed to occur murder is about to take place, something dark and evil, ‘night’ is about to fall. Evil is going to overcome good once again. There is a second use of light imagery when the Third Murderer states :

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