Proposed HR Initiatives Presentation

The CEO of a technology-services B2B company has just announced a momentous change in its strategic direction. He wants to begin offering full turn-key technology facilities to customers instead of just offering additional technology solutions to customers’ existing facilities. This change will require many new employees with different knowledge, skills, and abilities than the current workforce. It will also require dramatically different approaches to marketing and sales. The HR Director asks you to help develop a proposal for a strategic HR plan to deal with the change and present it to the top leadership.
The plan will support the change by proposing HR initiatives related to:
• Talent acquisition (new employees)
• Talent development (current employees)
-APA Citations
-6 Scholarly Citations
-Review the attached rubric for reference as well.
-add examples with support (scholarly citations) do not just generalize statements
Create a presentation, with speaker’s notes (speaker notes need to be narrative summary of what you have on your slides. Please do not just copy and paste
what you list on the slides), that:
• Slide 1:Title Page
• Slide 2: Describes at least one proposed initiative for each: talent acquisition and talent development.
• Slide 3: Identifies metrics to be used to measure the success of initiatives.
o Qualitative and Quantitative give examples for both and be descriiptive and provide metrics for talent acquisition (how are you going to measure that your talent acquisition is successful and how are you going to measure that your talent development initiatives are also successful).
• Slide 4: Describes a realistic and effective data collection plan for the metrics you selected.
o It could be an assessment test score results (these are just examples choose what you want it does not have to be what I listed) How will you collect the data? For example if it’s a survey is it going to be anonymous? Will it be electronically? With regards to talent acquisition, what HR data are you counting? Are you doing qualitative research and being descriiptive to talk about specific skills that are needed, are you counting the number of employees that you or the number of candidates that you were bringing in?
• Slide 5: Identifies potential ethical issues and/or risks related to the proposed data collection plan.
o Examples: Security issues, potential ethical issues, or risk related to each of the proposed data collections plans? Privacy Issues? Is their risk of bias? Could there be a risk with people not being truthful in their responses?
• Slide 6: Provides a risk mitigation plan as needed.
o This is in relation to the previous slide. What are you going to do to mitigate that risk that you discussed in the previous slide?
• Slide 7: Details how each initiative would impact the business objectives of the organization.
o Relate it to the assignment scenario. How are your talent acquisition and your talent development initiatives that you previously discussed in bullet .1 going to impact the business objectives of the organization?
• Slide 8: Provides attribution for credible Scholarly sources used in the presentation.

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