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Public Health Actions

Identify 3 Public Health Actions being taken, For each public health actions indicate :

a. Describe the action

b. Who is taking the action? (Government (State, Local and Federal ) or NGO)

c. Looking at the “Pillars of Public Health” which practice area best matches with the action taken?

d. Which “Key Practice area?

Sample Solution

of prior learning. Would this make a language non-universal or is there always the need of some environmental learning as a child within a particular culture for things to make sense? fig.4 Isotype ‘Picture dictionary’ leaf from binder, Gerd Arntz, 1929-33, 300 x 225 mm, (I.C. 4/2) In many instances Gerd Arntz implemented colour in a calculated way allowing an implication of something rather than a clean cut representation. Colour could be used to indicate a use or attribute of an object. By being coloured green, a pictogram of wheat suggests natural, fresh, healthy implications because of association (fig.5). However, how far does colour affect understanding and do all people interpret colours with the same associations? In the case of the wheat, green is a global indicator of an organic object because of most plants being that colour. But where does the idea of green equals good come from, and why do people perceive it as good? fig.5 Wheat (Arntz. G, 1928-1965) In 1979 the green fire exit sign (fig.6) now used all across the world, was designed by Yukio Ota. However, it’s introduction to the US proved difficult (Turner.J, 2010), as the American’s already had their own established exit sign (fig.7). By association green is seen as a more welcoming colour. As animals, green is an association to healthy, alive plants, which means for us food, safety, cleanliness and so reassurance and comfort. This lead to the success of Yukio’s design as it appeared comforting in the way that it felt like safety and a reassurance that this is where you should go. In nature red is most commonly an indicator of blood, and also many poisonous plants within Europe. When facing the red exit sign, if a person didn’t understand english, ‘exit’ means nothing. This leaves only the colour red to be interpreted, which would result in the person not following the sign and so endangering themselves. fig.7 American Exit Sign fig.6 Exit Sign (Yukio.O, 1979) In the West the colour black suggests death and mourning, especially as we associate black with what we wear when we attend funerals. However in China, which has one-seventh of the world’s population, wear white at funerals, which would suggest a wedding to a westerner, whom has a completely different association to the colour white. (Crow. D, 2016. pg38) It appears that what a colour represents differs depending on cultural upbringing and as

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