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Public Organizations Are “Different”

In a number of ways, public organizations are different from privateorganizations. For example, a public
organization does not choose its mandate; itis given by one of the three branches of government. It can be an
executiveorder, a new law passed by a legislative body, or a court decision mandating achange in services, for
example. Public-sector organizations deal with issues andproblems ranging from war to outbreaks of disease
to toxins in our water supplyto delivering the mail. They face challenges that are rarely stable, whether
fromhuman or natural forces. However, you will find that most classical theorists andmany contemporary
organizational theorists look at organizations as genericstructures that can be managed with the same
approaches regardless of sector. In spite of the organizational similarities, the unique challenges facing the
publicsector cause scholars to carefully examine the differences between the two.
Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

The “public” in public organizations has always been a conundrum in ournation’s discourse. Who is the “public”
in public education? Is it all students, orjust some, or should the private sector take over the educational
system so it canbe more “efficient and effective”? Who can and should vote? Should we draft thepublic into the
military or keep it voluntary? Are the exemplary approaches usedby successful corporations better models for
the public sector or not?

Sample Solution

In the department of law enforcement, there is FaceIt, a face recognition system that can search through a whole crowd for a face and match this face with the mugshot history of this specific person. FaceIt is considered to be the most accurate facial recognition software as of today [11]. This face recognition system is mostly used by law enforcement agencies. Next to being used for law enforcement and security surveillance, which is the primary use of it, the system can also be used for computer security and eliminating fraud. Eliminating fraud is very useful in a situation as voting in a presidential election. By using this technology, voting multiple times can be evaded and people can’t get away with it anymore. People’s faces will be stored in a database and if a face appears again, then that vote won’t count [2]. ii. Matching faces from live security images The law enforcement is always on the hunt for terrorists or big criminals. Most already have good mug-shot which can help to find a face in a crowded place such as an airport [16]. And when agents are trying to hunt some criminals down, then they will probably try to flee the country. At the airport, face recognition can be of big help. The faces of these criminals are collected and stored in a database with faces of people who are not allowed to board a plane. The faces of travelers are being scanned and are being compared with the database at the security check. If the program founds a match, the guards of the airport will go to them and cameras will be turned to the person for live images. After picking the person up, the guards will try to decide whether to keep the person from going to an airplane or they decide that it is not the face that they are searching for [27]. iii. Face recognition in photographs To search for a specific name by only having a picture of someone, you need face recognition. Not only the society can drag a picture in the uploading square of a software or site to search through a database full of different faces with matching names, but also the police has such a kind of software. As stated earlier, it occurs often that the police state a call for help from the surrounding people. They want the people to be an extra pair of eyes to tip them off if they encounter a wanted person (for example see them across the street on the telephone), who can be in hiding or not. Society can then send in pictures of the person. Before going to hunt that specific person down, the police force needs to check if this is the person they are searching for. First, they need a picture with a clear face. The police can get a couple of those pictures and they all go through a software that tries to match the face on the picture to the wanted face. If they match, then an alarm will go off that they have found the criminal and from there on they can take action. If the result is negative, then the force will wait for more images. The effectiveness of this depends on the quality of the picture [14]. If the quality of the picture, which has a match, is high, then the chance of having a “false positive” will be smaller than a p

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