Questioning a Knowledge Claim: Epistemological Scrutiny

The subject of animal testing is highly controversial, proliferating conflicting views from proponents and opponents alike. Since the Cartesian postulation of the automata concept of animal unconsciousness, various philosophical endeavors, both ancient, medieval, and contemporary have explored on the issue. Some scholars argue that the suffering caused by the testing of detergents is permissible, while others would allow suffering only in the course of genuine scientific experiments. Yet others would allow animals to suffer only in the course of significant medical experiments. There is a consensus, however, that suffering caused to animals for no good reason is wrong. To cause such suffering is generally understood to be a cruel act, although, opinions will differ as to what counts as good reason. In my last assignment, the paper seemed to provide both arguments for animal testing and the one’s for anti-animal testing. However, this essay provides lucid arguments for animal testing, conditional in nature, using philosophical systems and theories to support my premises. Moreover, I have highlighted the anti-animal testing arguments in order to find a concrete stratum to argue otherwise.

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