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Reflective practice

Reflective practice constitutes a regular part of the suite of practices of expert designers and innovators. During this unit, you we worked on a number of different tasks and challenges associated with solving a real problem for industry. This semester we were put into teams and asked to act as business consultants for a start up company called “A glass of”, An Australia Wine distributor focused on sustainability (for more info on company visit website

Working in teams we were asked to identify our clients needs and then put together a final proposal (assignment 2) to our class which went for 10 minutes. This proposal outlined what our client wanted, the problem that they wanted solved, and then we presented 5 protypes we believed would improve their business. I have attached a copy of our slides for this presentation which will have all the nescassary info. we were also required to write a final report (assignment 3) for this task which was 4000 words putting into writing our findings, prototype journey, final report and recommendations.

The reflective piece I need you to write should be broken up into three diary like entries, all a page each discussing the above . Please discuss the following in each stage;

Diary entry one:
-briefly discuss the challenges of working as a team remotely and how we managed this.
-Discuss the challenges of working with different personalities
secondly discuss how we delegated tasks based on expertise. As I have experience is designing websites my role was to I worked on creating a digital prototype in the form of a landing page which interacted with a QR code on the packaging. The page was designed to provide consumers with education and creative ways to upcycle and repair packaging to increase product lifespan and ultimately help the environment. This task required me to familiarise myself with new website creating software which was challenging at first however will be extremely useful for future projects.

Diary entry two:
Discuss the 10 minute presentation, my role was was to share the prototype I had developed as well as also write a summary page and during the presentation conclude by recapping key insights and suggestions. The required me to have a strong understanding of everyones part.
-Discuss how usually in a classroom setting I would be nervous presenting in a classroom, however due to online classes and the fact you can’t see anyone watching, it doesn’t make you as nervous.
-Discuss how last presentation our group had technological issues so this time we made sure we were organised to prevent this from happening
Briefly discuss the impact ‘online presentations’ for two year due to covid may have on our presentation skills in person in the future..could. this be bad?

Diary entry three – Briefly discuss final report (I have attached a copy of the report). My role for this was to discuss the 5 prototypes our team put together as well as share our final concepts.
-Discuss the challenges of being a full-time student and having heaps of assignments due at the one time, and how its important to be organised. Discuss different obstacles that occur and how you deal with them. e.g I had to attend a funeral last minute just before this final report was due, which meant I had to stay up until 4am writing this report.

Sample Solution

In today’s competitive world, an effective leadership style has become the need of the hour. Only with the help of an effective leadership style can an organisation be propelled towards achieving their goals. This can be attributed to the fact that leadership style has a direct effect on the productivity as well as the performance of the workforce. As Cribbin, et al., (1981) suggests, leadership is an influence process that enables managers to get their people to do willingly what must be done, do well what ought to be done. We can call someone an effective leader when that person is able to influence their followers in a desired manner in order to achieve the respective set of goals. Leadership is thus seen as a very important resource for any particular firm and is showcased by the person who is called the leader with direct accordance to a wide scope of aptitudes and talents. At the same time, leadership is not limited to an individual as such. Leadership Styles Leadership can be seen as a process of social influence, where the leader generally seeks out to their subordinate employees to willingly participate in order to accomplish the company’s collective set of goals. This can be attributed to the fact that leadership is the art of influencing others to their maximum performance to accomplish any task, objective or project. (Cohen, 1990) In today’s modern and altering world, the companies need effective leaders who are able to comprehend and act upon the dynamic global environment. Effectiveness is much higher in case of tasks that are highly structured as well as when the leaders have a good rapport with the respective followers. Barchiesi, et al., (2007) measure effectiveness of leadership, its role, as well as the direct or indirect influence it has on the leadership behaviour, performance and attitude of the organisation overall. It was hence found out that high leadership indexes are not directly interlinked with the performance records of the past, instead was rather related to higher potentiality of amplified performance as well as to the higher stature of that particular firm, which clearly indicated to the fact that it has a meaningful impact of behavioural convolution and dynamics on the leadership apprehended level. There are different types of leadership styles and they are detrimental to the organization’s overall performance. An individual’s leadership style has an effect on how smoothly a firm moves towards their desired set of goals. This is why Conger, et al., (1992) has indicated that leaders are individuals who establish direction for a working group of individuals who gain commitment from this group of members to this direction and who then motivate these members to achieve the direction’s outcomes. On exploring the interlink between the culture of an organisation and the leadership styles, several factors come into account like organisational culture, transactional as well as transformational leadership styles. Voon, et al., (2011) had conducted a research and understood about the influence leadership has on the workforce of an organisation. Several factors like wages, job security as well as autonomy and flexibility at office were used. They concluded that transformational leadership style had a better direct relationship with job

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