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“Regression” dataset

Grab a “regression” dataset from the UCI archive: (Links to an external site.) or these datasets: (Links to an external site.) Do not use the same dataset as anyone else, i.e., pick randomly.

Choose a single input variable and output variable, and graph their relationship (scatter plot). The plot does not need to look “linear,” since we can find a linear regression line for any data.

Then create a single-neuron network (Linear type neuron) and train the network on the data. Also use the linear regression function of sklearn to find the actual best regression line. Then plot the network’s predictions and sklearn’s predictions on a scatter plot with the original data.

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fun of them. “Journals began to comment on the pestilence, blaming the city council and its do-nothing policy. Under tremendous pressure from public opinion and urged on by the Mayer, the Council on july 25 finally appointed a Board of Health” (Carrigan, 1853). Pathophysiology “The phenomenon of yellow fever was like a jigsaw puzzle with a number of missing pieces. Until those pieces were discovered the picture remained distorted until the discovery of the insect vector, the irregular spread of the pestilence presented a knotty problem in logic to speculative minds” (Carrigan, 1853). U.S Army surgeon Major Walter Reed made the first important contribution to the field of medicine with his study of yellow fever. During his time of service in the Spanish-American war, Reed found soldiers dying from both yellow fever and malaria. Unsure of the cause, Reed set out to appoint a commission to investigate the cause of the disease. “Known officially as the United States Army Yellow Fever Commission, it was known simply as the Reed Commission for Major Reed, who was the chairman of the four-man body that included three other specialists in infectious disease: James Carroll, Aristides Agramonte, and Jesse W. Lazear, all of whom were contract doctors for the Army.”[16] Carlos Finlay was a Cuban epidemiologist who had made many strides of discovering the origin of yellow fever in Cuba. The United States sought out Finlay “The first methodical and scientific approach to the study of the mode of transmission of yellow fever was undertaken by Finlay after he had returned to Cuba. In a review article on yellow fever published in 1895, Finlay recalled that, in December 1880, a comparison of certain characteristics of yellow fever transmission with those needed for mosquito activity – such as the absence of both above a certain altitude and at low temperatures – led him to deduce that yellow fever could not be acquired by inhalation, ingestion or contact. He postulated that the mode of tra

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