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Research on the effect of COVID -19 pandemic on this company

Do research on the effect of COVID -19 pandemic on this company. Answer the following questions in detail based on your research: How has the current COVID-19 pandemic aFfected the operations of this company? Do they have parts or inventory shortages? Do they have to shut down factories or warehouses? Do they reduce their production/service capacity? Do they shift production from one geographic location to another? Your answers must be factual, well-thought, and clear. You must clearly explain the timeline of events and the actions the company has taken thus far.

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effort the pressure groups put into the issue they are fighting for is evident. This was one of the points raised in the discussion groups; that public pressure groups solely work towards defending the right to life whereas governments have numerous matters to work on meaning they cannot concentrate on their legislation for one specific issue. Furthermore, Amicus’ work can constitute as pro bono work for law firms. This means that they can combine the passion and time of the Amicus employees with the knowledge and expertise of established lawyers. The employees in the government responsible for the legislation on the right to life may have the same level of knowledge and expertise as the lawyers, but lack drive and incentive for the issue in case. Additionally, the government wants to make the most out of its money and so will employ the same minister to handle a range of issues, meaning less time is spent on the very specific issue of the right to life. Thus, it is possible to argue that public pressure groups are in fact more effective in defending the right to life. Democracy is important to consider because it has differing roles in public pressure groups compared to the law and can either inhibit or promote effectiveness. In the discussion group, I found that many people were interested in the level of democracy in both options. It was generally agreed that pressure groups are less democratic than the law. On the surface, they seem extremely raw and succinct, focusing on one issue and articulating the will of the people. However, they can also be linked to very corrupt ideas. For example, the leader of the pressure group is not elected and is often the creator of the group, meaning they have unlimited power. This lack of internal democracy coupled with the very nature of public pressure groups (labelled pressure for a reason) results in members of the public being forced into a particular school of thought. This is highly undemocratic and undervalues the power of one’s intuition. Thus, many people will argue that the law is much more effective due to its democratic nature. There are numerous legalities that come with making a law and it is an extremely thorough process. However, I believe that it is only in the case of developed countries, such as the US, that the law is more democratic than public pressure groups. There are countries in which the head of state is the primary, and sometimes only, creator of laws and the process is extremely undemocratic. Altho

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