Research Statistics Presentation

In this course, you have learned about research statistics and their relevance to the world of criminal justice. This week, you will synthesize your learning and explain how criminal justice researchers use statistics to effect change throughout the criminal justice system.

A criminal justice research specialist will not only conduct research, they must also be prepared to present and articulate statistical inferences from research results in a clear and efficient manner.

Review the conclusion of “Police Officers’ Best Friend?: An Exploratory Analysis of the Effect of Service Dogs on Perceived Organizational Support in Policing” from the University Library.

Assessment Deliverable
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that highlights critical elements of the researchers’ study, the use of research statistics, and the conclusions made about the results.

Audience for Deliverable
Your presentation will be delivered at a national conference for criminal justice professionals.

Use the Research Statistics Presentation Template to complete your assessment.
Write a response to each prompt in the template.
Support your responses with relevant details and/or examples.
Include relevant tables, graphs, and charts to support your ideas.

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