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Prepare and compare Five Forces Models of Competition for the two IT industry segments.

How strong is rivalry among competing firms? Explain your answer.

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e way in which individuals and the beliefs which govern their society and those around them, play in role in determining the liberty of the individual based on their gender, can ultimately define the way they are treated throughout their human experiences. Throughout Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, and my text “The Great Gatsby”, the undermining of gender roles in a society governed by misogynistic beliefs allows for powerful female characters to afford their liberty that they otherwise do not have. The substantial extent to which the representations of gender through dominant female and male characters ultimately allows for the sedition and critique of gender throughout the human experience within my texts in compelling ways. During the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth had ruled the monarchy which had ultimately gave William Shakespeare the opportunity to subvert gender roles as they were being subverted in real life. Through textual form Shakespeare is able to critique these subversions and not face the consequences as he was able to portray these views in a subtle manner through the changing of literary worlds, from England to Venice and use humour so that his audience would accept it. The way in which Shakespeare chooses to represent Portia as a dominant and powerful female character, is ironic in the way that he challenges the notion of gender and allows for Portia to ‘save’ Antonio from the court, however the way in which Portia must disguise herself as a man to do so conveys the impression that women were believed to not have the capability to do so as they were too profound with emotion, through dressing as a male only then is her opinion warranted. Although Portia believes “God made him and therefore let him pass as a man,” she does know “it is a sin to be a mocker,” therefore through the use of religious allusion Shakespeare highlights the extent to which Portia and Nerissa will meet in order to afford their liberty and independence as a man that women do not have and support Antonio. The notion of the liberty and freedom of movement is opposed however, through the notion of Filial Piety in which Portia is “… curbed by the will of a dead father”. The tone in which Portia speaks of her father is rather vindictive as she almost resents her father for the limitations he has set on her, even after his passing. This outlines the influence and authority men had over women and the duty to the father that had governed the Renaissance period, afflicting their human experience through the injustice they experienced as a result. Towards the end of the play, after these dominant women characters portray their

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