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Right to Die

Goligher, E. C., Cigolini, M., Cormier, A., Donnelly, S., Ferrier, C., Gorshkov-Cantacuzène, V. A., … Quinlan, J. (2019). Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are unethical acts. World Medical Journal, 65(1), 34–37. Retrieved from
Calabrò, R. S., Naro, A., De Luca, R., Russo, M., Caccamo, L., Manuli, A., … Bramanti, P. (2016). The right to die in chronic disorders of consciousness: Can we avoid the slippery slope argument? Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, 13(11–12), 12–24. Retrieved from
Video Games and Violent Behavior

Cunningham, S., Engelstätter, B., & Ward, M. R. (2016). Violent video games and violent crime. Southern Economic Journal, 82(4), 1247-1265. Retrieved from
Gentile, D. A., Bender, P. K., & Anderson, C. A. (2017). Violent video game effects on salivary cortisol, arousal, and aggressive thoughts in children. Computers in Human Behavior, 70, 39–43. Retrieved from
The articles provided argue opposite sides of the controversy. In 1,250-1,500 words:

Briefly analyze and compare the claims of both articles as well as the background of the controversy and how it became controversial. Include how historical perspectives and theories add to the controversy.
Examine the evidence given in the articles and explain which article creates a stronger argument. You are not choosing a side that supports your beliefs. Describe why one article’s argument is stronger than the other. Give examples from both. Include how current perspectives and theories support your rationale.
Identify any logic fallacies that exist in both and explain what makes them logic fallacies (For a list of logical fallacies, follow this link ).
Describe how the controversy you chose is applicable and significant to the world.
Use at least six scholarly references to support your claims. Be sure to carefully review the rubric for specifics on selecting and integrating sources to effectively support your rationale.

Sample Solution

their kin. Hadrian was not a battleship like the sovereigns who went before him. All things being equal, he committed his opportunity to bracing his country's foundation and politicking his direction into the hearts of regions a long ways past the walls of Rome. I fell head over heels for the account of Hadrian for two reasons: his design commitments have endured everyday hardship, and despite the fact that he is so all around concentrated on there is such a great amount about his life we don't have any idea. This examination paper will focus in on the existence of Roman Emperor Hadrian and what his childhood and encounters meant for his design works. Hadrian battled during his rule as well as inside his own brain because of his excitement for Classical Greek culture that was combined with the Roman pride his tutors had imparted in him. A depiction and conversation of Hadrian's building works that I have found most fascinating will outline this combination significantly more. Publius Aelius Hadrianus was brought into the world in Italica, Spain on the 24th of January, year 76 A.D. He was brought into the world to a family that was glad to be one of the first Roman homesteaders in the region that was viewed as one of Rome's valued belongings. The land offered gold, silver, and olive oil of greater than that of Italy. Moreover, Hadrian was brought into the world during a period where Italica ruled the Roman education scene. The city likewise bragged being the origination Hadrian's ancestor, tutor, and gatekeeper Trajan. Hadrian's childhood in Italica provided him with an extremely remarkable viewpoint on Rome's decision of broad domain as well as the imaginative and scholarly characteristics of Roman custom. While growing up his "look would tons of Alexander, of the incomparable Augustus, and on different show-stoppers, which… were the entirety of the greatest quality." He fostered a deep satisfaction for being Roman, and this would convert into his future activities as sovereign and draftsman

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