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School Survey on Crime and Safety Dataset and Codebooks

• The dataset “is a cross-sectional survey of the nation’s public schools designed to provide estimates of school crime, discipline, disorder, programs and policies. Regular public schools were sampled. The data collection was conducted using a mail questionnaire with telephone follow-up. The data collection’s response rate was 62.9 percent. Key statistics produced from SSOCS:2016 include the frequency and types of disciplinary actions taken for select offenses; perceptions of other disciplinary problems, such as bullying, verbal abuse and disorder in the classroom; the presence and role of school security staff; parent and community involvement; staff training; mental health services available to students; and school policies and programs concerning crime and safety.” (National Center for Education Statistics, 2016, para. 1).

Post one of your three different types of research questions (i.e., descriptive question, relational question, or comparative question) based on the dataset you selected in Week 1. Then, post an appropriate research design for the question you post. Explain how the research question might promote positive social change.

Sample Solution

“Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles” (Shakespeare). The play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, surrounds a man named Macbeth and his wife who try to tamper with order and fate, which ultimately backfires tragically. Shakespeare uses many elements of imagery to illustrate the the theme of disorder which is based off the Elizabethan concept of universal order where all things have their proper place and order, and character and fate is predetermined. Blood, day/night, animals/nature/weather and fair/foul imagery are demonstrated throughout the story to represent the order of nature that has been overturned when Macbeth kills the rightful king, and chaos makes its way to the top causing many unnatural aspects to occur until the end of the play when a rightful king returns and takes the crown. To begin throughout Macbeth, the repeated imagery of blood is incorporated in order to demonstrate the level of guilt felt by characters. This imagery assists the theme of disorder as the guilt Macbeth and Lady Macbeth feel is due to them killing of Duncan, the king. The natural order consists of a list of who is above who and the killing of the king who lies above the nobles(Macbeth and Lady Macbeth) provides the opportunity of the destruction of order and their bloody guilt is the reminder of their actions. : “What hands are here! Ha, They pluck out mine eyes. / Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood / Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather / The multitudinous seas incarnadine, / Making the green one red.” (II, ii, 77-81). The strong imagery of blood in this scene is used to demonstrate Macbeth’s inability to remove the blood from his hands .After killing King Duncan the guilt is settling in, here, ‘All of Neptune’s ocean’ represents the degree of Macbeth’s guilt. When Macbeth mentions the permanent change in colour from green to red in the seas, this is indicating that the guilt within Macbeth is everlasting. If Macbeth had not killed Duncan and disrupted the order in which a noble could not overthrow a king he would not be sick with this guilt. But, due to the crime, Macbeth’s Guilt will always haunt him as the image of the crime will always remain in his consciousness, causing him to experience greater remorse and fear. Here, blood symbolises the guilt within Macbeth after murdering King Duncan, causing him to experience eternal fear for the crime he has committed. : “And with thy bloody and invisible hand / Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond / Which keeps me pale!” (III, iii, 54-56). Here represents Macbeth’s automatic obligimet to conceal his thoughts and feelings of guilt to prev

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