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Sexual Health issue: Syphilis

Develop a 25 slide PowerPoint presentation covering the components listed below. Each member of the group should present at least 4 slides.
What are the key themes surrounding the sexual health issue you identified? Provide specific examples to demonstrate your points (9 points)?
Is the community a geographic area or a target population? Describe this community. What are the characteristics of this community? Provide specific examples to demonstrate your points (9 points)
What has been done to address this sexual health issue? Provide a summary of the policy or policies. Have these policies been used for this issue elsewhere? What were the results? What worked? What did not work? Provide specific examples to demonstrate your points. (14 points).
Develop your own policy or policies to prevent or otherwise impact the sexual health issue presented as it relates to the specific community identified. Describe your policy/policies. How will your policy/policies work to prevent/improve health outcomes for the issue you chose? What will your policy/policies do differently where previous policies did not work? Provide specific examples to demonstrate your points (22 points).
Summarize your points and provide a conclusion (6 points).

Sample Solution

e quote enhances the meaning by shadowing all the characters (Miles) under the governess’ light, wrapping the whole plot and narration around her thoughts and corrupted mentality. Find quotations that illustrate the writer’s skill in establishing mood/tone, imagery, symbolism, and characterization. “[T]hese three words from her were in a flash like the glitter of a drawn blade the jostle of the cup that my hand for weeks and weeks had held high and full to the brim and that now, even before speaking, I felt overflow in deluge” (James 196). This scene of the novel was when the governess had come to the painful realization that Flora had successfully distracted her away from Miles. The quotation utilizes an extended simile and vivid imagery to appeal to the reader’s senses and emotions. By comparing the shocking effect of Flora’s words on the governess to a blade that causes a cup to overflow, a medieval and noble cause is associated with the situation. As a result, the overall mood and tone are dramatic and forlorn, allowing the readers to feel the emotion of overwhelming defeat and helplessness. “The limit of this evil time had arrived only when, on the dawn of a winter’s morning, Peter Quint was found, by a laborer going to early work, stone dead on the road from the village: a catastrophe explained–superficially at least–by a visible wound to his head…by a fatal slip, in the dark and after leaving the public house…arid in liquor….” (James 27) Many of the senses are engaged within the quote: the desolate and dull brightness of dawn, the chilliness of winter air, the jarring scene to witness in the pale light, and the painful sharp inhale of cold air. James demonstrates his skills in including imagery and mood by creating an atmosphere that has a personality of its own, where he vividly describes the scene so that readers feel like they are witnesses themselves. He is also to characterize Peter Quint without needing to blatantly state it: with his choice of diction and events, he has established Peter Quint as a careless drunkard who had a fateful death on a symbolic winter day. Commentary “ ‘It was Quint’s own fancy. To play with him, I mean- to spoil him.’ She paused a moment; then she added:’Quint was much too free … Too free with everyone!’ “ (James 145) In this scene of the novel, Mrs. Grose is describing the personality of Peter Quint to the governess, which allows her and the reader to learn more about his values and character. This quotation reveals that Peter Quint was sexually promiscuous and often took advantage of others. He is noted of corrupting Miss Jessel and Miles, spending excessive times with each in secret and engaging in immoral relationships. As a result of this discovery, the governess becomes more concerned for the wellbeing of Flora and Miles since she

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