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Social Media

Social media, such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and a host of others are very common place with people today. Often times there is a connection between what you post and what others see and here. For the following assignment locate a recent video link that includes an article that involves a person trying to get a job in today’s criminal justice world who has run into any issues with their social media account. Where applicable you can refer to the videos that you watched about this same topic with the career professionals who answered this question in their own interviews.

What are the social media constraints that employers now are putting in place to deal with organizational issues once you are employed? Policing/Corrections/Probation/Etc.

After researching this and locating the information write a response that allows you to form an opinion on if you were surprised by anything you located. Will this change your own use of social media? Yes or No?

For this assignment you will need to locate the necessary article and link, be sure to cover all the areas below ( AGAIN YOU CAN FIND YOUR OWN ARTICLE OR VIDEO)

  1. Two Negative Factors, as told through an actual story
  2. Two Positive Factors
  3. What social media constraints are being put in place by organizations today?
  4. Opinion, will this change your own use of social media? Yes or No
  5. What material on social media could cost somebody to lose consideration for employment?

Sample Solution

society plays an essential role in the design of social theory in the direction of indoor space. The purpose of the design is to solve these seemingly simple questions – “Is this useful for these people?” and “Is this solution better than this?” Therefore, through simpler problems, it reflects the problems that interior design needs to solve and causes people to think. For example, Interior designers need to use critical thinking and design methods that combine user needs to design interior programs. Some theories fact are reflected in interior design, such as the way of thinking, understanding direction and critical logic. Based on designers’ thinking, it is essential that the art, design and gestalt theories support and influence of theory on the expertise of design projects. Designers want to mention critical thinking. The author Eidson, Patricia L, an outstanding scholar in the field of interior design and architectural design, mentioned in his article that critical thinking is a dualistic concept that couples modes of designing with certain theories of criticism. Theoretical and historical ideas that influenced changes in interior design and architecture are presented in a timeline context to illustrate the aspects of evaluating, interpreting and describing, which are parts of interior design criticism (Eidson,1986). Based on the theory of critical thinking, people can use the necessary critical theory and critical review to better judge and plan interior design projects and combine social theory with design theory. Design theory provides the language and the connections necessary to link knowledge and ideas about design concepts with the practice of designing. For example, consist of four elements: concept, form, task, and technology enables designers to build models of these knowledge understandings and evaluate and judge the value of design interior design. For example, the interior design project of the Shenao Village in Tonglu County, supported by the critical regionalism theory, combined with the actual problems and needs of the project base, proposed an innovative design theme combining paper-cut culture, architectural culture and farming culture. Over the past few decades, anthropologists have increasingly joined the study of the social environment and architectural design, as well as human-related behaviors and inter

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