Social Security Policy In The United States

Choose a social justice problem that addresses the needs of a specific population or subgroup that interests you. To find scholarly research about your topics, use the Capella University Library; government, educational, and organizational websites; and the United States Congress website, Refer to the SWK5002 library research guide, Social Policy Research Tutorial, for assistance in doing policy research and locating resources.

Analyze the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination of your chosen population or subgroup that exist within this social justice topic (for example, race, religion, disabilities, gender orientation, socioeconomic status, or access to services).
In your analysis, describe how the oppression and discrimination impacted this population.
Analyze ethical problems associated with your selected social justice problem.
Use the NASW Code of Ethics Web page to guide your analysis:
What ethical considerations in your selected social justice problem must be addressed?
What are implications for social work practice and positive client outcomes?
Describe the current, enacted policies for this social justice problem.
Research current, enacted policies that seek to address this social justice problem. These policies must be passed legislation currently in practice. Legislation can be at the federal or state level, but ultimately your course project will require you to select a federal policy.
Analyze how effective these policies are in addressing the needs of your chosen population or subgroup.
Do the policies effectively address the social justice problem? Provide a rationale that includes scholarly, peer-reviewed research.
Assess the impact these policies have had on your selected population or subgroup.
What policy constraints exist for this population?
Compare advocacy methods for the selected social justice problem.
What are the strengths and challenges of the advocacy methods? What additional steps could be taken to address the challenges?

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