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Southwest Airlines

Create and submit one strategy for Southwest Airlines in any of the four quadrants available to you by telling us;

What factors are you matching using the (Sx, Sx, Sx: Ox) typology (see the TOWS Matrix document for a more detailed explanation).
What type of strategy is it that you are recommending (from the Strategic Options handout)
Give the strategy a title like “Project: Somesuch” or “Operation Instant Classic”
Describe your strategy and tell me why your strategy makes sense for Southwest.
Basically what I am asking for it that you create and present a strategy for Southwest that makes sense for the firm given the information in the document.

  1. Comment on the strategies presented by two of your fellow students. Can their strategy be made better? Does a better choice exist?

Sample Solution

make someone commit the crimes and only the crime itself. Moreover different bag rounds might shape capacity to be rational and self controlling. On the other hand there are critiques towards Hooton and Sheldon theory as the both similarly believe the same. the limitations are that even if the data that is collected is correct with is really unlikely to be, the prosecution for murder might be unfairly forced on ethnic groups. they don’t have the resources to legally defend themselves and they are put into difficulties in social conditions and any group put in difficult conditions might turn more to crime. Class and ethnic background affects whether you get classified as a criminal, even if there is a biological predisposition, other factors affect whether the person acts as a criminal for example aggressive disposition may lead to competitive behaviour not crime. But in general there has been growing consensus that there are biological risk factors for violence, aggression, crime. Classical thinking has had a significant impact on criminological theory and arguably, even an greater impact on criminal justice practice. Classical thought had a great impact on jurisprudence across Europe and America, and the ideas such as punishment being appropriate to the nature of the crime because foundational ideas for modern criminal justice system. Likewise Positivism within criminology been an enormously influential and comes in for substantive and sustained criticism. Critics of individual positivism such as David Matza (1964)argue that it draws on three problematic sets of assumptions (Tinerney, 1996). They are Determinism, differentiation and Pathology. In conclusion, Classical furthermore Positivist Schools both have a comparative possibility that criminal behaviour is a chance to be controlled furthermore is an aftereffect of mankind’s instinctual that is common altogether people. The two schools accepts that those with the majority honest to goodness violations must a chance to be executed eventually perusing people who are atavistic alternately primitive, or people who dismissed with transform under a cultivated also totally human state. Every last one of same, Positivists class will be worried for transforming the wrongdoers and perusing authentically recognising also detaching those conclusive purposes behind the unique liable gatherings criminal conduct, same time established class keeps tabs once cou

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