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“Stop Telling Women to Smile”

“Stop Telling Women to Smile” (Links to an external site.)
“Emotional Labour is a Heavier Burden for Some of Us” (Links to an external site.)
1)How is the street harassment mentioned in the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” video related to emotion work? In other words, how are women expected to respond when told they “have a nice ass” or they need to “smile more?”

2) Why does Leah Cowan assert that emotional labor is a heavier burden for some people? How do you think this affects how women see themselves? (from the second video)

Sample Solution

f leadership styles before which means that correlations of several leadership styles and organizational learning culture have not been identified yet (Xie, 2018). Some studies have selected two leadership styles and linked these to OLC (Carmeli and Sheaffer, 2008; Xie, 2018). However, it might be valuable if the connections of leadership styles and OLC would be analyzed further in a business setting. Xie (2018) claimed that even though researchers recognized the importance of connecting leadership with OLC, limited empirical studies have analyzed this connection with regard to more recent leadership styles. Some researchers have been examining what recent leadership styles support OLC (Kurland et al., 2010; Xie, 2018). Cardwell (2012) argued that strategic leadership, which is a combination of transformational and transactional leadership, is favorable for organizational learning. Nevertheless, not enough studies have been done on other (recent) leadership styles yet (Xie, 2018). Another study has been done on the impact of leadership on trust, knowledge management and organizational performance (Koohang, Paliszkiewicz and Goluchowski, 2017) The purpose was to build a research model on this topic. Paliszkiewicz et al. (2015) stated that effective leadership leads to successful organizational performance. Many studies have been done on the positive impact of leadership on performance, but none of these had focused on a leadership style in particular. None of the recent leadership styles were included in these studies and they did not include a certain type of leadership. This study concludes that research should still be done on a larger and different population sample, and that the generalizability of the findings is limited (Koohang et al., 2016). The study of Poulsen and Ipsen (2017) found that few studies had investigated the wellbeing of employees over a long period and what would be the best way to manage them (Crawford et al., 2011; Poulsen and Ipsen, 2017). The aim of this study was exploring practices that ensure organizational performance. However, the limitations were that this was a small research study. Further research should be conducted in multiple countries and a bigger sample size (Poulsen and Ipsen, 2017). Several studies have stated that transformational leadership has a positive impact on employees with regard to organizational learning (Flores et al., 2012; Park and Kim, 2018). The study of García-Morales, Jiménez-Barrionuevo, and Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez (2012) concluded that transformational leadership does have an impact on organizational learning and organizational performance, but future research should be conducted in more than one country and in

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