Strategies educators can employ that demonstrate to families

Identify 2-3 strategies educators can employ that demonstrate to families that a home school partnership will benefit student learning. How do these strategies align with the Christian worldview of serving others to promote human flourishing? ( 150 words)

Sample Solution

1. Educators can hold regular meetings with families to strengthen the home-school communication and share information about the student’s progress. This demonstrates that educators are open to working together with families in order to ensure their child’s success, which is rooted in a Christian worldview of service.

2. Educators can provide resources for families on how they can support their child at home by providing activities that reinforce what was learned in school and promote learning outside of the classroom setting. This strategy puts emphasis on the importance of family engagement, which aligns with a Christian worldview since it encourages “families as partners” instead of adversaries to benefit students’ learning.

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