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Systems analysis and design

At Bayside Financial, where you work as a project manager, you have been asked to conduct user training sessions for a new information system. You must develop a specific schedule for the tasks (the estimated task duration for each is shown in parentheses):

First, confirm arrangements for the training facility you plan to use (3 days).
After you have confirmed the training facility, two tasks can begin at the same time: you need to send an e-mail message to all department managers announcing the training sessions (1 day) and you can develop the training material (5 days).
As soon as the training material is complete, you can work on two tasks at once: arrange to have copies of handout material printed (2 days) and develop a set of PowerPoint slides (5 days).
When the PowerPoint slides are ready, you conduct a practice training session with the instructor who will assist you (2 days).
Finally, when the practice session is over and the handout material is ready, you can conduct the user training sessions (4 days).
What is the correct total time?
Create a Gantt chart that shows the WBS. (You don’t have to use any special software, you may create your diagram in powerpoint or word)
Analyze the fact situation carefully to determine which tasks are concurrent and which ones are dependent on other tasks.
Create a PERT chart that shows the project. Use a format similar to Figure 3-18 on page 82. (You don’t have to use any special software, you may create your diagram in powerpoint or word)
What is the critical path for this project? How do you know?

Sample Solution

historical tool of interpretation of DTC and that the intention of the parties was to use it for resolving their potential interpretation conflicts. In my opinion, taking into account the countries’ freedom to make observations to the provisions of the MTC when disagree the interpretation laid down, at the moment of concluding or negotiating a DTC, it can be binding considered for them in the absence of any additional commentary that they tacitly agreed with the related MTC Commentaries. Please note that, such assumption is strongly applied only for OECD member states, the non-member states having the possibility to invoke their less power in negotiation of the MTC’s Commentaries. ¬ PE concept From a practical point of view, if an entity decides to carry on cross-border business activities, there are three basic methods: a) Parent-Subsidiary structure – by setting-up a foreign subsidiary to operate on foreign market. From a legal perspective are two different entities, but are subject to Transfer Pricing regulations; b) Short-time activities – by carrying on activities in other country, however due to the lack in type, duration or geographical presence there is no PE existence. c) PE structure – by establishing a specific business (e.g. factory, shop etc.) which is not incorporated according with the foreign legislation. Such structure is the most complex and problematic, due to the fact the tax law treatment does not follow the private law, according to which the activities of the headquarter are inseparable to the ones of PE and therefore are assigned to the enterprise itself instead of certain part of the enterprise. Thus, not every unincorporated cross-border business activity leads automatically to the born of a PE. The presence of the foreign entity must reach a certain threshold in the source state, such as particular level o business activity and a substantial economic interest. The standard PE concept is described at art. 5 Permanent Establishment of MTC (i.e. excerpt of the MTC article can be analysed at Appendix 2). In this part of the thesis will scrutinise the different PE concepts of art. 5 of MTC (e.g. classical, construction, agency), by pointing out their possible weak points which expose the PE rules to potential fraud or abuse. a) Classical PE

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