Calculating z- scores

This assignment explores using raw data to calculate z-scores and the area under the normal curve associated
with those scores.
-Step 1: Answer the following questions:
Use the Standard Normal Distribution Table for reference. Draw a graph and shade the appropriate region.
Calculate the z score for each datum. Determine who did better on her respective test, Tonya or Lisa.
Student English Test Grade z-Score Student Math Test Grade z-Score
John 82 Jim 81
Julie 88 Jordan 85
Samuel 90 Saye 79
Tonya 86 Lisa 82
Mean 86.50
St. Dev. 3.42 2.50
Given the above information, predict the raw score for a student whose z-score in the Math test is .98.

  1. Find the area between z= -1.15 and z = – 1.35.
  2. Find the area between z = -.35 and z = .35.
  3. Find the area between z = 1.05 and z = 1.55.
  4. Find the area beyond z = 1.30.
  5. Find the z-score such that the area to the left is 0.7123.
  6. Find the z-score such that the area to the right is 0.9788

Sample Solution