Ethical Deliberation

utline and describe the ethical dilemma first, with all the necessary facts and information. The paper will then analyze the scenario using two (2) ethical frameworks/models. The framework/model used may be any of those presented in the competency. ? A decision using each of the models must be presented in the paper. The paper must end with one decision. In other words, applying two frameworks/models will result in two (potentially divergent) outcomes, and one decision must be selected, presented, and supported/defended. ? Consistent with due deliberation and analysis, a well-constructed paper will address all relevant factors and components in the case, and will be a demonstration of graduate level writing and analysis. ?

Sample Solution

Ethical deliberation

The readings of weeks 4 & 5 focused on the Cultural Revolution, the feature film “Blue Kite,” and post-CR short
stories exemplifying new trends like “scar literature” and “new realism.” Your essay should demonstrate YOUR
ETHICAL DELIBERATION on the these readings and the additional information provided by the critical essays
(Barmé/Lee & Yee), the various YouTube clips, PPT Handouts, and study questions.
Please be as specific as possible, stay close to the readings, and avoid making board generalizations, e.g. “the
CR was propaganda to spread Maoist ideas.” And don’t insert long quotes (more than 2 lines), rather
paraphrase the authors’ ideas in your own words.
Format: Minimum 500 words – 2 pages – but no more than 600 words, double-spaced, and word count added at
end of your essay.
Answer the below question ( must include brief, concise summaries of the Barmé/Lee and Yee essays):

  1. Post-CR literary production, according to essays by Barmé/Lee and Yee, can be said to have been
    motivated by strong “ethical” concerns as the goal was to expose “the dark forces” and “contradictions” in
    a society with all their pernicious/destructive impact on human life. Choose at least two of the four-post- CR
    works (1 film and 3 short stories) and identity/illustrate a) what those “dark forces” and “contradiction” are and
    b) the complex ethical issues the stories raise

Sample Solution