Gaming the world

a) Who are Andrei S. Markovits andLars Rensmann? What is their background (e.g sports professional, analyst, academic, etc)? In which century / time do he live? Why do you think the authors’ experiences and educational / professional credentials in the century and time they live in qualify them to write on the book’s subject? Why so? Do you detect any biases that help or undermine the validity of the authors’ development of the themes in the book? You must justify any assertions or claims you make in developing your responses with research evidence.a)What is Markovits and Rensmann’s hypothesis or point of view on the topic of the book? What specific statement or phrase or assertion, for you, highlights their hypothesis or point of view? You must provide and underlinethis statement in their book in your essay with the appropriate textual citation.2.What four major pieces of evidence, etc, do Markovits and Rensmann use to develop the theme or hypothesis in their book? It is important to evaluate and reflect on the evidence used by the authors (evidence in the book for UNIT 4 include studies of countries, personalities, clubs / competitions, national and ethnic traditions, dates, contested politics, etc.). Does the use of evidence help explain, support, clarify, any assertions or claims thatthe authors make on the subject and culture of football / sports in the book and why? Do not merely applaud / dismiss any evidence in the book without justification and sound reasoning

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