Penetration testing plan

You have been asked to develop a vulnerability assessment/penetration testing plan and describe the hacking process. After all, the goal of white hat
hacking is to ensure the security of the company resources, and documentation is always part of the process. In a 3-page MS Word document, develop a
vulnerability assessment for an organization that has a single data center with 3 Unix servers, 3 Windows Servers, an IIS server for website and e-commerce
traffic, and an email server.
The network infrastructure is made up of Cisco routers and switches and there are 500 end user host computers running Windows 10, 1 host computer
running Windows 95, 100 WIFI 802.11ac routers with WPA2 encryption, and 10 WIFI 802.11b routers running WEP. Develop your paper using the vulnerability
assessment template below and also include answers to the following questions:
What is the hacking methodology and what are its phases?
How scope is established and why the agreement of the scope is important?
How ethics come into play when conducting ethical hacking?

Sample Solution