Personal thought on Nursing.

To determine if nursing is a profession and if not is it a career or a job.
Decide what is your personal thought on Nursing.
Based on this select a research model to define the concepts of profession, career, or job.
Based on the selected model, develop a PowerPoint presentation to include:
Following the 6X6 Rule discussed in class
Select criteria to support your answer
For each criteria develop PowerPoints slides (at least 4 slides for each criteria)
The criteria slides should include:
A definition of the criteria
A research based rationale for why it meets the criteria ,
What you as a student believes about the criteria- does nursing meet the criteria or not?
At the conclusion of the reviewing all criteria:
Make a decision about nursing and write the explanation of your answer.
Does the student see that nursing has changed over the decades and how will it continue to evolve?

Sample Solution