The Alice application

Create a new project where you will place a ShortHairCat object within a scene at a distance of at least two or more units from four similarly sized objects. One way to ensure you have the proper distance is to use the procedure within myFirstMethod. The cat will move to each object in turn without colliding into to any of the objects. The cat does not have to move in a straight line to each object. You will also need to ensure you create a custom procedure for the cat object that will handle its movement to each object.

The final fourth object the cat moves to should be a table with a fifth object on it that represents something the cat wants. Now insert the code required that will allow the cat to jump on top of the table to get the object placed there. Use the strategies outlined within the video resources to affect subparts and combine procedures together to make this process as realistic as possible. Procedures such as moving forward and up at the same time will simulate jumping.

Sample Solution