The common flu.

  1. Which health topic did you choose and why does it interest you? From your readings about the topic, what are possible reasons for the occurrence of this?
    This question is asking you to state your understanding of the topic chosen by you and not a detailed discussion about the same
  2. What does research tell us about the reasons for the occurrence of the particular health condition? Have the number of people being affected by the
    condition increased, decreased or stayed the same in the past 10 years?
    This question is asking you to look at statistics and causes behind increase in incidences of the condition.
  3. What are the ways in which initial diagnosis of the condition is done? Are the facilities for such tests easily available for everyone? Does it occur in certain
    ethnicities and age groups? Who should be getting these tests?
    This question is asking you to look closely at incidence, detection, and morbidity attributed to the disease.
  4. Using the information, you have read that is in the literature, describe how one could reduce the incidences of morbidity, and why it is important to raise
    awareness about the health topic of your choice?
    Make sure to include the importance of regular health checkups, healthy nutrition and early detection of the condition
  5. After considering many aspects of treatment of the condition, what can you conclude about the current detection and treatment methods, and what steps
    must be taken to generate awareness? Also, discuss the availability of detection and treatment, and health disparity for the same.
    Here you can discuss the limitations in information about detection, treatment, and genetic testing options
  6. Can you think of any information or evidence that has not been presented or that you discovered in your own research that could lead to another avenue
    for research or treatment of the health topic?
    You can discuss some newer research in this area and whether you think it will be useful for treatment purposes
  7. Works cited: Each reference you have used should be cited in the reference page. Use this link for learning how to

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