USA Patriot Act

What is the USA Patriot Act?
What is the NDAA?
What other pieces of legislation play a key role in prosecuting the global war on terror?
What role does the FISA court and process play?
What role has the NSA played within this process?
What technologies have been employed to further this legislation?
What role does indefinite detention play?
What is unlawful enemy combatant?
What aspects of the legislation is viewed as Constitutional?
What aspects of the legislation are brought into question with regards to the U.S. Constitution?
How has the legislation impacted American civil liberties?
What are the supporting arguments for the legislation?
What are the opposing arguments against the legislation?
How should the legislation be changed or amended?
What are the central themes and arguments in current literature?
What is missing from current literature?
Scholarly articles are required. Although some information from government sources may be used sparingly, approximately 80% of the review should incorporate recent scholarly articles (published within the last 10 years).
Do not state your opinion in this section. All information provided must be properly cited and must be from quality academic sources. To achieve this, use direct quotations, paraphrases, and synthesized information from multiple sources. For example, this statement synthesizes the opinions of 4 scholars: “Researchers have argued that disaster planning is critical to minimizing the negative effects for emergency responders (Brown, 2010; Caldwell, 2009; Moore, 2011; Stanley, 2008).”
Summarize your findings. What are the key points in the literature with regards to the selected piece of legislation and how it impacts both the U.S. efforts in the global war on terror?
Since passage, how has the legislation impacted the average American citizen’s civil liberties?
What steps should be taken to further improve the legislation?
What steps might be taken to reduce any potential encroachment on American civil liberties?
What type of response is needed moving forward? What or who should be engaged (e.g., the political community, military, federal law enforcement, local law enforcement citizens, etc.)?

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