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The accumulation of massive amounts of wealth by the upper class during the Gilded Age

The accumulation of massive amounts of wealth by the upper class during the Gilded Age was good for the US and even for the working classes, for while factory conditions could be rough the upper class gave more people jobs than ever before. Argue for

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ere are many different types of rehabilitation used today, but it hasn’t always been as refined as it is now. I outlined in the introduction of the Quaker solitary confinement ‘repent and reflect’ method, but since then there have been several developments which target distinct problems that offenders have to face. One tactic used that attempts to get criminals to alter their behaviour is a type of talking therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (R Blakey, 2017), which addresses—”self-justificatory thinking, misinterpretation of social cues, deficient moral reasoning, schemas of dominance and entitlement, and the like. […] They may hold conceptualizations of themselves, others, and the world that justify antisocial behaviour, for example, “nobody can be trusted”, “everyone is against me,” or “society doesn’t give me a chance”. […] And they may have deficient cognitive skills for long-term planning, problem-solving, and decision making […]. Cognitive-behavioural treatments (CBTs) for offenders are designed to correct these dysfunctional and criminogenic thinking patterns.” (Lipsey, 2001). Although this has been introduced into UK prisons, programmes such as these only have a 7% attendance rating compared to 40% of prisoners who reported needing this kind of help (R Blakey, 2017), so more does need to be done to provide care to those who require it. Other types of therapy include education, which has been proven to reduce recidivism in the House of Lords report that stated,“19 percent of prisoners who received a grant to complete an educational programme in prison re-offended within a year, compared to 26 percent of prisoners who did not receive such a grant,” and furthermore, “57% of new prisoners have the literary skills of an 11-year-old.” Out of a prison population of 84,710 (Ministry of Justice, 2018), this is a considerably large proportion of people who lack the basic skills needed to get a job on their release. This seemingly small 7% difference demonstrates that by simply teaching inmates strategies and skills, they can lead a better life once they are returned to society. It could contribute to saving the government money, reduce prison populations and therefore make society a safer and better place to be in, as well as giving previously-convicted offenders an opportunity to use the

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