The Canadian commission on hospital accreditation

The Canadian commission on hospital accreditation was formed in 1953. It was mandated with ensuring for adherence to set standards and compliance by the Canadian hospitals. The accreditation was under the tenets of free government interferences even as it was not for profit. The program changed its name to Canadian council on health services accreditation in 1995, after years of growth in popularity in the number and composition of accredited facilities rose tremendously. An accreditation program for comprehensive health services was launched, which promulgated accreditation of community health services, leading to the initiation of home care services in 1996. The mission of CCHSA was to promote excellence in the provision of quality health care and the efficient use of resources in health care organizations throughout Canada. In 1998, about 1495 health service organizations were accredited while in 1999, the CCHSA had recruited and trained approximately 300 surveyors, from a variety of health professions, to act on its behalf on an honorarium basis. The national standards were developed through consultation with the health care community. The standards likely to be relevant to mental health services for older people included those relations to long-term care and continuing care organizations, comprehensive health services, mental health organizations, community health services and home care organizations.

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