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The diagnosis of psychiatric emergencies

The diagnosis of psychiatric emergencies can include a wide range of problems—from serious drug reactions to abuse and suicidal ideation/behaviors. Regardless of care setting, the PMHNP must know how to address emergencies, coordinate care with other members of the health care team and law enforcement officials (when indicated), and effectively communicate with family members who are often overwhelmed in emergency situations. In their role, PMHNPs can ensure a smooth transition from emergency mental health care to follow-up care, and also bridge the physical–mental health divide in healthcare.
In this week’s Assignment, you explore legal and ethical issues surrounding psychiatric emergencies, and identify evidence-based suicide and violence risk assessments.

In 2–3 pages, address the following:
• Explain your state laws for involuntary psychiatric holds for child and adult psychiatric emergencies. Include who can hold a patient and for how long, who can release the emergency hold, and who can pick up the patient after a hold is released.
• Explain the differences among emergency hospitalization for evaluation/psychiatric hold, inpatient commitment, and outpatient commitment in your state.
• Explain the difference between capacity and competency in mental health contexts.
• Select one of the following topics, and explain one legal issue and one ethical issue related to this topic that may apply within the context of treating psychiatric emergencies: patient autonomy, EMTALA, confidentiality, HIPAA privacy rule, HIPAA security rule, protected information, legal gun ownership, career obstacles (security clearances/background checks), and payer source.
• Identify one evidence-based suicide risk assessment that you could use to screen patients.
• Identify one evidence-based violence risk assessment that you could use to screen patients.

Sample Solution

The Variables we will take to measure the customer preferences for media and toward the furniture designing industry. I will also measure the level of awareness about the furniture designer’s services and their required level of satisfaction. Mainly, I will focus on how much the customers are aware of the services the companies offer and their media habits and secondly I will measure their willingness, benefits and preferences they seek about Furniture designing service. Population and Sample Size: I will take samples from two different populations (Normal Customer Vs Lead Customers). In case of lead users, I will conduct 20 to 30 interviews of lead users of furniture products and service all over the UK. Focus group discussions will include 30 to 40 lead users. On the other side, I will take a sample of 100 to 200 normal customers who use the furniture products and services and will conduct questionnaire surveys from them. The Sampling technique will be random sampling in both the above cases. Analysis of data I will use two approaches to analyze data. The Statistical methods as well as understanding from the in depth interviews and focus groups both will be taken for analysis of data. The Validity of the measures will be measured by running correlation and also certain statistical tests such as t test and z test. Ethical Issues: I will obtain the informed consent of the respondents by giving them a general description of the topic. Secondly, there will be a free choice for the respondents to participate in the research questionnaire or not. Thirdly, the personal information of the respondents will be kept confidential and converted in dummy data. Therefore the respondents will be at minimal risk. Limitations: In the interviews, there are a lot of chances of interviewer’s biasness. This is a limitation I can never ignore in my data collection method. In order to reduce interviewer’s biasness, I will train my interviewer staff. Second thing I can do about this problem is that I will monitor interviews with video recording. This recording of interview will also decrease the biasness of not only interviews but also in the focus group discussions.

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