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The Diversity Paradox: Immigration and the Color Line In Twenty-First Century America,

The Diversity Paradox: Immigration and the Color Line In Twenty-First Century America, Chapter 1

Challenges of Diversity: Essays on America, Introduction

While the readings this week are both American-focused and focused on specific aspects of diversity, they help illustrate how the lens of history can help us understand diversity and related issues. These readings also demonstrate the interconnectedness of the four lenses, as you will encounter facets of the other lenses in these articles. As you read this module’s selections, consider:

What are some key attributes of the historical lens, and what do they reveal about diversity?

How do historical events affect how we currently perceive diversity in the past?

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olishing Slavery, and the International Convention regarding the Abolishing of Slavery, Slaves Trading, Institutions and Semi Slavery Practices. To further demonstration of their commitment, Jordan passed the Law for the Prevention of Trafficking in Humans in 2009. This law criminalizes the exploitation of human by enslaving persons, or subjecting them to servitude, or forcing them to work in prostitution or any form of sexual exploitation. In regard to forced labor, according to US State Department Human Rights Report of 2013, there were reported instances in the garment Industry. However, the NGO, Better Work Jordan, reported that no factories were found noncompliant concerning any type of bonded labor. Rights Regarding Religious Freedom The Jordanian constitution explicitly states that the state religion is Islam, but provides for the freedom to practice one’s religion and faith in accordance with the customs that are observed in the kingdom, unless they violate public order or morality. The constitution also stipulates that there will be no discrimination in the rights and duties of citizens on grounds of religion. In contrast, some members of the international community (most notably the United States) have argued that the government’s application of Sharia infringes upon the religious rights and freedoms laid out in the constitution by prohibiting conversion from Islam and discriminating against religious minorities in some matters relating to family law. Neither the constitution, the penal code, nor civil legislation bans conversion from Islam or efforts to proselytize Muslims. Despite this, the government prohibits conversion from Islam in that it accords primacy to Islamic law, which governs Muslims personal status and prohibits them from converting. Although, the government does allow conversion to Islam and from one recognized non-Islamic faith to another. Because the government does

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