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The founding of Islam

Discuss the founding of Islam. Make sure to fully explore the basic beliefs of the Islamic religion, the role of Muhammad and his role in the development of the Islamic faith. In addition, completely explain the five pillars of Islam and it’s role in Islamic culture? Did the Quran define Islamic culture and society or did other influences such as the Shari’a and/or Hadith dictate the lives of Muslims. Explain. Finally, explain how the Arabian culture and not the Quran restricted the lives of all Muslims especially women. Do not use all internet sources to write this paper

Sample Solution

audience. There were copious scenes in which emotions was the main mechanism used to gain the audience’s attention. The third rhetorical device used was purpose, purpose it the reason to why something is done which in this case is the creation of the Harry Potter series. The world of Harry Potter sheds light on the cruelty and harsh treatment of certain magical creatures. House elves like Dobby, in particular, are treated with great disrespect by most of their wizard masters. House elves, despite being magical and quite intelligent, are kept only to do housework and chores, and for the most part, have to endure harsh treatment from their masters. In the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we witnessed Harry’s kind behavior towards Dobby when he comes to visit him prior to his arrival at Hogwarts for his second year, and it becomes apparent that Dobby has been maltreated and ignored his entire life. Harry politely stated, “Sit down,” pointing at the bed. To his horror, Dobby bursts into tears – very noisy tears. “S-sit down!” he wailed…” Dobby has never been asked to sit down by a wizard – like an equal” (Potter, 2012). This shows that when Harry treated Dobby with respect, it is too much for Dobby to handle. The shot showed Dobby’s reaction, when Harry told him to sit down, he was shocked because as an enslaved elf, he received no respect from anyone hence, the camera focusing on his tears in the shot. By using a cute little hopeless elf, the directors were able to not only gain the audience’s attention but also represent the social issue. By using a young fictional character, the audience, which is prominently children, was able to connect and understand the classism and division within the movies. This scene also relies heavily on pathos, since Dobby expresses his confusion through emotions. By having Dobby cry in this scene, the audience was able to sympathize with him and understand the mistreatment of the minorities and the prejudices presented throughout the movies.

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