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The ideal future

Now you have written briefly about your future and have had some time to consider more specific issues. This step gives you the chance to integrate all the things that you have just thought and wrote about.
Close your eyes. Daydream, if you can, and imagine your ideal future:
• Who do you want to be?
• What do you want to do?
• Where do you want to end up?
• Why do you want these things?
• How do you plan to achieve your goals?
When will you put your plans into action?
Write about the ideal future that you have just imagined for 15 minutes. Write continuously and try not to stop while you are writing. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar.
Dream while you write, and don’t stop. Write at least until the 15 minutes have passed. Be ambitious. Imagine a life that you would regard as honorable, exciting, productive, creative, and decent.
Choose goals that you want to pursue for your own private reasons, not because someone else thinks that those goals are important. You don’t want to live someone else’s life.

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the world'. They needed to show this by building an enormous vault from concrete. It was extremely hard and dangerous to plan a vault that would be 44 meters in length with no substantial reinforcment as it would probably fall under its own weight. Anyway the architects dared to construct the plan and it emerged as quite possibly of the most popular structure on the planet. An extremely fascinating focal component with regards to the Pantheaon is a Latin sobriquet 'oculus' which could be interpreted as an 'eye'. This is set in the focal point of the vault and an entire is ten meters wide. The fabulous open space was vital in this plan since this aided the light come through and enlighten the entire dim space inside as there is no electrical lighting included. The front development of the structure is upheld by sixteen of the best sections produced using Egyptian rock. The following extremely attractive element is the enormous bronze front entryway that are seven meter tall and are opening to a cercular region. The second you stroll in the main thing you can imagine is the space around you. The architects have made the vault out of cement and thought of a thought of rings of collars around the vault to make diminish its weight and the tension. They have made the arch extremely thick at the base and the substantial was lighter inside each layer. To lessen the heaviness of the substantial vault draftsmen thought of a plan to remove even and trademark square shapes within the arch which likewise enlivened the inside in strange manner. The development materials that have been utilized while making the Pantheon are weighty cement and limestone blocks which was exceptionally well known in Rome around then and utilized in pretty much every Roman Architectural plan. The second level simply under the arch was made from blocks. Inbetween the layers the modelers have stowed away series of muddled curves which additionally assisted with diminishing the weight. The structure that I have decide for Modern Architecture is Swiss Re. The Swiss Re is a cutting edge compositional plan and was begun to worked in 1997 and completed in 2004. the tones that have been organized inside the structure are shades of

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