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The inspiration artist/artwork/movement

First, you need to choose an artist (painter, sculptor, photographer, etc.) whose work is interesting and inspiring to you. Do not copy his/her work but use it as a starting point for your project. For example, if you choose Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus, you may use the same mythological theme in a different medium such as sculpture, mosaic, or song.

Step 2 – Research

Research the time period of your artist.
Research the artist’s biography.
Research the artist’s techniques, ideas, and inspirations.
The more information you know about the artist, the better you will understand the work that inspired you to create your project. Select 1 work by this artist that you particularly admire. You will be required to submit an image of this artwork at the end of the semester along with the project itself.

Step 3 – Proposal

Decide on a medium (pain, clay, etc.).
Type your project proposal (about 400 words) including the following information:
Artwork you have chosen.
The medium.
How you will show “the spirit” of the artist and the chosen artwork.

What social angle applies to the work

Proposal: REQUIRED, you must get approval for your project or your project won’t be accepted.
Well-developed paragraph (at least 400 words) free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Addresses chosen artist/artwork/movement used as basis of project, the medium, and intentions to capture “the spirit of” that artist and specific artwork.
Contains steps to how you will create your artwork and a timeline for how long you estimate it will take
Contains an image of the inspiration artist/artwork/movement
Identifies social angle of artist/artwork/movement

Sample Solution

associated these emotions with the place in the future. We also find ourselves being less alert when listening to more negative music as, for example, we may be looking at the ground or generally thinking more deeply about the poignant lyrics. On the other hand, we found that when listening to upbeat and joyful music we often take in more of our surroundings and are more observant of the various activities in them. We found this extremely interesting – the fact the mood certain music exudes heightens or lowers our visual intake and sensory awareness. However, this is not just the case with busy towns and cities, we found that we built a new relationship with our surroundings when we walked through the peaceful countryside with music playing. That said, despite there being more things happening in the city, we felt that we built a stronger relationship with our surroundings in the countryside rather than the city. This being due to the tranquility and space in the countryside, which contrasts heavily against how we became almost overwhelmed by sensory stimulation in a big city. This overwhelment stems from the intense sensory stimulants which are often too quick and excessive to mentally process and make clear distinctions. We found that, when listening to the music in the countryside, some of our senses were heightened. We noticed our surroundings much more, from the temperature to the overpowering smell of manure to when a branch brushed past our bodies. We thought that the amalgamation of the tranquil countryside and the experience of music created a much more meaningful place than that of when you are in the city. In both crowded and isolated places, listening to your own music can be both therapeutic and soothing. Wherever you are, your experience can be individualised by the genre that you like to listen to. The experience of the environment in which you are is made completely distinct and personal through the music that you are surrounded by. For this, we decided to undertake a study of listening to different genres of music in the same location. We both took turns listening to either Heavy Metal and Jazz whilst sitting in a cafe and the outcomes could not have been more different. When listening to Heavy Metal, we found that everything seemed to rush past us but as soon as we turned over to Jazz, we were at much more ease. This shows that, given the variety of genres nowadays, there are so many different experiences to have in various places for each individual. Looking back at all of our research, we have learnt a lot about our approaches to

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