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The institution of property

Read the institution of property by David Schmidtz and answer these questions in essay format
Locke’s account of the origination of private property

Locke’s position and his reasoning for his position

Criticism concerning the “Lockean proviso” and Davids schmidtz defense of the proviso

Arguments and positions

Reasons for criticism of locke’s explanation of private property and the lockean proviso

How schmidtz seeks to defend locke’s account of private property

Asses schmitz argument has he shown that locke’s position is tenable given his own proviso about the original appropriation of property

Give own reasons for accepting or rejecting schmidtz claims about the relationship between first arrivers and late comers, are late comers better off, if yes how so?

Sample Solution

decade, Japan has a positive GDP growth rate; their unemployment percentage is extremely low compared to equivalent countries at 2.5%. Japan has had no terrorist related incidents in the past two decades. In conclusion, Japan’s tightly knit immigration policies have resulted in a strong economy with positive economic indicators, a low level of violence; indicating that their restrictive stance towards immigration has contributed to their success. Sweden takes an entirely different approach on immigration; they are well known “for welcoming Muslim refugees fleeing war-torn nations like Iraq, Syria, and Somalia” (line). Although, Sweden’s growing unemployment rate which currently sits at 16% among foreign parties is relatively high among comparable countries. Sweden has also encountered a growing amount of violent episodes, which has led to the questioning of their open door immigration policies by prominent government officials. An abundance of exorbitant liberal policies have led to a steady flow of immigrant labor and an increase in jobs, although when the rate of job creation slowed, “working immigrants stopped entering the country while the flow of unemployed, government-dependent asylum seekers picked up” (Line). In 2012 alone, the number of asylum seekers entering Sweden increased by 50% from the past year with 43,900 total. This was the second highest year on record (Line). Sweden’s immigration struggles have hurt the Democratic party in Sweden, and the country as a whole. Anti-immigration activists have a leg up in the argument, as Sweden simply cannot continue on their current path. Sweden’s open door policies have caused domestic turmoil, and have in turn hurt the country economically and socially.

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