The perfect school – Vision Project

I am a school social worker in a SBL program.
Imagine the perfect school – one with no obstacles to success with ALL children. You are the principal of the Perfect (elementary, middle, or high) School. The overarching theme or guiding idea of your school is to effectively, efficiently, ethically educate all children to mastery performance levels and embody the tenets of a professional learning community. Your task is to create a narrative description of all facets of your school for an upcoming visitation by the Malcolm Baldridge Awards Committee.
You decide to create this narrative as if you were giving a guided tour of your school. Your narration should create a vivid, Technicolor TM picture of the school you wish to lead starting at the front curb and moving through every hallway and classroom. Speak to everything from how your school looks to how it behaves. Describe the artifacts we see displayed in every space. Describe the physical structure(s) of the building and property; the purpose behind every space and how it is used; the design of specific classrooms; the equipment in the classrooms; the instruction within the various classrooms: how all stakeholders behave and interact; etc. Use your imagination.
The goal is for you to begin creating a vision (a mental picture) of the school that you will lead in the future. Your “vision” should include some artifacts of the PSEL standards.

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