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As the price storage continues to plummet and companies gather and store more data than ever, do you think users should be financially compensated for their user data? Or do you believe that the service these applications are providing are a fair trade?

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tect the children from the “ghosts,” but she only makes the situation worse by causing unnecessary grief in the children and Mrs. Grose. A more specific example is that in the final scene of the novel, the governess tries to warn Miles of Peter Quint’s ghost but her panic causes Miles to become overwhelmed and die. When Flora gets sick, she was forced to leave the estate and vowed to never speak to the governess again. Whether or not the governess was correct in thinking that the children were being haunted, she was definitely wrong in thinking she could be the hero who saves them. The fact that the governess was misguided in adopting a heroic stance suggests several interpretations. One possibility is that the forces of corruption are too powerful for one person to oppose. Perhaps the governess could have succeeded only with the united efforts of the school and the uncle, and perhaps the children could not have been saved. Another possible reason why her heroism might have been inappropriate is that childhood and innocence may be too fragile to be protected in such an aggressive fashion. The governess’s attempt to protect the children may have been more damaging than the knowledge from which she wanted to protect them. What are the moral and ethical problems explored in the story? One of the moral problems of the story is the contrast between good vs. evil. When the Governess just meets the Miles, she instantly notices his beauty and sees him as an innocent little boy. The fact that he was expelled for his behavior was shocking. She decided that she wanted the best for the children and take care of them because their beauty overshadowed their actions. The moral belief that we shouldn’t judge someone by what they look like, and the governess did exactly that. One ethical problem in this story was dishonesty. It was never clear whether or not the governess’ ghosts were real, but when Miles said he say Quint near the window that night, it gave us a hint that the children kept it a secret or lied. There was also the issue with the letter she wrote to their employer. What was the author’s purpose in writing this book? The author’s purpose in writing this book is to incite readers with information on the field of spiritual phenomenon. During the late 1800s, many people began to be involved in the field of sciences and advanced the ideologies associated with science. People began to become aware of the subconscious as well as psychology. Therefore, by writing this book, he hopes to show how absurd people have thought of the supernatural and how it has affected people’s behaviors and actions. For example, the governess is ignorant and represents the majority of the population that is mainly dependent on supernatural for explaining the natural world. Does the author use imagery, symbolism, allusions, etc. to develop his/her themes? How? Imagery: James’ use of imagery adds a personal, more tangible

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