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The Misfit fails to take responsibility for his crimes, but blames the justice system and the failings of religion. The Misfit, who was locked away before but escaped, says that "they could prove I had committed [a crime] because they had the papers on me," (49) a claim he denies. "I call myself the 'Misfit,'" he says, because "I can't make what all I done wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment" (50). Likewise, rather accept that he has chosen a life of butchery, the Misfit goes so far as to blame Christ. By rising from the dead, "He thrown everything off balance," (47) the Misfit says. Unsure whether this event happened, the Misfit prefers to take his chances "by killing somebody or burning down his house or doing some other meanness to him." For him, there is "no pleasure but meanness" (50). The Misfit, who claims he has held such diverse careers as gospel singer and railroad man, represents the worst of humanity. When man has abandoned all responsibility, the result is utter chaos - a threat O'Connor tries to warn us about. Chaim Potok's The Chosen also qualifies as great literature because it interweaves war imagery throughout this coming of age story. The novel takes place with World War II as a backdrop, and just as the Allies and Axis clash, the characters do as well. The first scene of the novel, a baseball game, is filled with battlefield imagery. The Hasidic Jews are referred to as "murderers" (Potok 7), and Reuven Malter's team is told, "No heroes in this war now . . . I want live soldiers, not dead heroes," by their coach (17). As the game continues, Reuven finds himself caught up in something greater than himself - a battle for the soul of Judaism. Angry at the opposing team, he realizes "at that point that for me the game stopped being merely a game and became a war" (24). This battle between conservative and moderate Jews is played up to a more violent effect several years later. Reuven observes at his college that "Toward the middle of February, the various factions began to firm up their ranks as the entire spectrum of Zionist youth movements moved into the school in a drive for membership" (228). These students are rising up to defend their beliefs, but unfortunately the only casualty - for a time - is Reuven's friendship with Danny Saunders. Potok also uses war references to call the reader's a

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