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The relationship of humanities on your career field.

  1. Provide an APA reference entry to identify the article you chose.
  2. Summarize the article or video in your own words.
  3. What did you learn from the article or video about how the humanities relates to your field of study or future career?
  4. Discuss one way the humanities and/or the information from this article may be useful to you as you develop your career.
  5. How do you think the Humanities and your understanding of culture and diversity will contribute to your future career?

Sample Solution

effects industries have advanced technologically throughout the last 100 years. Visual effects and the creative industry have made such advances in set design and animation (Pixar films for example) allowing a merge of technologies. Virtual reality although still relatively is its early years, is used to create a visual and auditory experience for the viewer and with the advancement of smart phones that are now capable of supporting this virtual experience means the whole digital landscape has changed merging the industries and technologies to create a better entertainment experience for the audiences. The earliest development of visual/ special effects dates back to 1857, when the first special effect movie was created by Oscar Rejlander. Although in 1895 the first accepted motion special effect picture was created by, Alfred Clark. The evolution of the dolly – contrazoom, was first shown/used in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Vertigo. Although vertigo was the first time we seen it, it became an extremely popular method that was used in Jaws when the police officer is sitting on the beac h watching the sea for the shark, in 1975. This is an inside camera effect used to undermine normal day to day perception. In movies such as; Jurassic park and terminator 1 are contemplated the establishment of CGI which was created for the movie Ton in 1982. After CGI, animated movies became more popular and updated, in 1995, Toy story was released by Pixar alongside Disney, which was the first ever feature length movie. The franchise is still in popular demand nowadays with the next instalment due in June 2019. Other effected such as; digital compositing is combining separate images into one single image creating the final result. Visual effects even have its own category in the Oscars nowadays (1929 -2019). Modern films such as Star wars and Jurassic world (2015) and Jurassic world fall

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