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Thematic Analysis Acts 1:1-7:59

Analyze the Thematic development of this first movement.
Address these elements in the Analysis
1) Jesus’ words in Acts 1:8, provide the inspired outline Luke follows in writing Acts. How does this segment develpe the theme of the geographic/ethnic advance of the proclamation of the gospel in the first “geographic target” Jesus identifies in Acts 1:8?

2) What other major themes are developed in Acts 1-7 (of the 9 themes identified by Dr. Fowler’s video presentation “The Key Themes of Acts” (attached). Trace the development of each of the themes introduced in the first 7 chapters. Do not merely list the themes and do more than give a single example. Trace each theme from its introduction through chapter 7.

3) Luke records four of Peter’s evangelistic addresses in this section: his sermon on Pentecost (2:14-40), his sermon following the healing of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate (3:12-26), and his testimony in his 2 appearances before the Sanhedrin (4:8-12; 5:29-32). Read these and compare them to identify the core elements that Peter considered non-negotiable in his preaching of the gospel. What does Peter believe his audience must understand to be saved? Present those core truths.

4) What are the two primary, recurring themes in Stephen’s speech to the Sandhedrin? How are these themes developed by Stephen? How does Stephen’s speech fit thematically into this movement of the Book of Acts?
**Read “theme and structure of Acts” in the introduction by Steven Ger, Acts: Witnesses to the world
**Read “Background of Acts” Dr. Fowlers video presentation, Liberty University, “Unity, Disunity, and Oppositiom/Death” will help idenyify “Two main things” Stephen drives home in his speech.

Sample Solution

was murdered on February of 1999 by the New York Police in Bronx. Diallo was murdered in the area of the apartment building where he lived. Four white officers who were in pursuit of him fired a total of 41 bullets at Diallo, killing him on the spot. The officers involved were apart of New York City Police Departments Street Crimes Unit. Noteworthy, this special unit referred to the slogan “We Own The Night” . It is noted, the NYPD from this unit commonly used aggressive stop and frisk tactics against African Americans. According to a report on the unit by the state attorney general it was found black individuals were stopped at 10 times that of white individuals, and 35 percent of those stops lacked reasonable suspicion to detain or had reports insufficiently filled out to make a determination . Hence, the “We Own The Night” unit has, notably, used aggressive policing tactics in an unfair manner targeting black populations. Police Vigilantism “The beating of arrested Negros—frequently in the wagon on the way to jail or later when they are already safely locked up—often serves as vengeance for the fears and perils the policemen are subjected to while pursuing their duties in the Negro community” . Vigilantism is the action of enforcing the law without legal authority by a self-appointed group of individuals. Often, the act of vigilantism is done pervasively and violently. The state grants immunity for vigilantes in order to maintain the white order. Accordingly, the police is a group that engages in vigilantism. Police brutality, as a method of policing, is state sanctioned extralegal violence. When police engage in police brutality it is often the case that they do not get prosecuted, even after the result of death. The story of Rodney Glen King, clearly depicts, extralegal police vigilantism. Rodney, a 47-year-old black male was beaten by four white Los Angeles police officers in March of the year 1991 . King, who was on parole, ran from officers into a nearby apartment complex. Once the officers caught him, Rodney was surrounded, and beaten to near death. Policing an unarmed, runaway, consisted of four police striking his body more than 50 times with wooden batons and using a stun gun. The result, Rodney King was hospitalized and needed extensive surgery by multiple surgeons. The savage beating of King went to trial. The charges against the four L

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