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Theory Application

Select one behavior of interest.
Then select two personality theories to explain that behavior.
Format the paper by:
Discussing the purpose of the paper in an introduction paragraph
A description of a specific behavior or pattern of behaviors (e.g. yelling, exercising, smoking, eating patterns, dating patterns)
Discussing the two theoretical approaches discussed in the course to explain the behavior
Explaining why you chose those two approaches/theories
A brief description of each approach/theory
How each approach/theory could explain the purpose of the behavior
How likely the behavior is to continue based on each of the approaches/theories chosen

Sample Solution

Given the impact that psychological safety has on teams’ performance outcomes, it is undoubtedly crucial for health care. Thus, gaining insight into how leadership influences psychological safety is valuable. Being a transactional or a transformational leader is not a label that a leader is keeping regardless of situations and/or followers but rather a set of behaviours that are influenced by contextual factors and that build a relationship between leader and follower (Glynn & DeJordy, 2010). Therefore understanding how leader-member interactions nurtured by transformational, respectively transactional, leadership influence team psychological safety is resourceful. Not only will it increase the current knowledge on the relationship between leadership and team psychological safety, but it will also be helpful for informing strategies aimed at enhancing leaders’ practices for fostering psychological safety. Objective and research questions Aim of the research The aim of this research is understanding whether being transactional or transformational leader has a different effect on the psychological safety due to the quality of the leader-member exchanges entailed by each of these leadership approaches. Research questions Main research question What is the relationship between transformational, respectively transactional, leadership LMX and psychological safety? Sub-questions: 1) What is the relationship between on the one hand transformational, respectively transactional, leadership and psychological safety on the other hand? 2) What is the relationship between on the one hand transformational, respectively transactional, leadership and LMX on the other hand? 3) To what extent does LMX mediate the relationship between transformational/transactional leadership and psychological safety? Concepts Psychological safety In this study’s context, psychological safety describes the perception that an individual has regarding the consequences of interpersonal risks in their working environment. In other words, it consists of beliefs on how other people will react when an individual exposes himself by asking questions, reporting an error, asking for feedback or making a proposal of a new idea (Edmondson, 2004). At individual level, psychological safety is associated with knowledge sharing, employee engagement, and employee voice (Edmonson & Lei, Psychological Safety: The History, Renaissance, and Future of an Interpersonal Construct, 2014). At group level, Edmonson (2004; 1999) argues that by facilitating error reporting, help seeking, and feedback seeking, psychological safety mediates team learning behaviours. Transformational leadership Transformational leadership is centred on the leader increasing followers’ levels of motivation and performance (Bass B. M., 1985). It was suggested by Shamir et al. (1993) that charismatic

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