Theory Useful in Family Nursing Presentation: Stress family theory

Critique and Analysis of a Theory Useful in Family Nursing Presentation
Research and analyze a mutually chosen theory useful in family nursing. It can be a nursing theory or another theory used in family nursing such as a stress family theory.
• Identify the theory or framework with the history and author of the theory.
• Describe major concepts from the theory or framework.
Discuss the theory’s assumptions about family and nursing.
• Discuss your rationale for selection of the theory or framework:
o Support for theory or framework from the literature with evidence of use in family nursing
Describe how it can be used to guide the nursing process
Describe the process of family assessment using the theoretical model
• Critique the framework for:
o Applicability, feasibility, and use in advanced practice nursing
o Applicability to culturally diverse families
o Potential to generate a research base for advanced practice nursing
Discuss at least two strengths and two weaknesses of the theory for use in family nursing practice

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