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Total Environmental Health And Safety Management

Share with the class an example of a safety design review at your organization. Are there ways it could be improved? If you are not yet a safety professional, find out if your current organization has safety design reviews or find examples of recent project designs or purchases that you feel would have been made safer through a safety design review process.



im a third party safety inspector and our company follows the general contractors safety procedures. Each general contractor is different in how the see, act and follow safety procedures. In New York City it was recently mandated for trades to submit pre-task worksheets prior the beginning of their shifts. This has enable companies to foresee how a trade will conduct their work and what hazards and mitigations they are conducting while they work. The general contractor and the safety department is able to act in advance to mitigate an accident or incident before it happens. Some general contractors only allow certain step ladders in their sites and one in spicific, Tishman don’t allow ladders at all only man lifts to avoid falling hazards. The problem I see with the pre task planning is that is just another check in the box to fulfill the compliance but most GC’s don’t follow up on it and the trades do what and how they want to complete the work. When city inspectors conduct their routine checkups the GC’s get the violation and it gets handed down to the trades. There should be heavier fines for both the GC and the contractors to follow the pre task plan as it was written.

With the recent local law 196 from 2018 in New York City, workers need 30 hours of OSHA training, 2 hours of alcohol and drug training and 8 hours of fall protection training to be able to work in construction. I think it’s a good approach from the city’s side to make sure workers are getting the proper training to minimize the accident, incident and death toll that occurs yearly in the construction field.

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from SCRUM perspective means an iterative and incremental approach to optimize predictability and control risk” (Tomanek and Juricek, 2012:385) By using Agile, risk is minimized as there are short iterations and clearly defined deliverables (Azanha et al., 2017) This is seen as the solution to going over budgets, missing deadlines, and low-quality outputs in projects. An example of this comes from a study administered by Augustine et al. (2005) showcased a project failing and behind schedule using traditional PM methodology such as Prince2. Called in to recover the project, Augustine and Payne used Agile to rescue and sustain the project. As a result, the project was completed within 5 months, within the timeframe and budget and with increased customer satisfaction and business value. Communication with Stakeholders Unlike traditional methodologies which use extensive documentation, to develop the project Agile offers direct communication with stakeholders (Azanha et al., 2017) Agile decreases waste deeply rooted in redundant project meetings as well as repetitive planning and excessive documentation (Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi, 2016) The underpinned principles of Agile project management gives more authority to project team members as Agile encourages self-managing teams (Mahalakshmi and Sundararajan, 2013; Agile practice guide, 2017) The involvement and commitment from the project team leads to an increase in motivated (Azanha et al., 2017) However, this could also viewed as a weakness. As in Agile approaches such as SCRUM, the dedication from team members is important and team work is deeply essential. Agile Alliance (2001) state that for a flat and autonomous management structure agile project management teams should contain more individuals. Due to this, if there’s a lack of cooperation, the project will face failure (Mahalakshmi and Sundararajan, 2013) Despite these strengths, Agile mustn’t be used for all projects as it is most suitable for projects that are dynamic with complex problems and unclear solutions (Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi, 2016) Understanding the depth of the project before deciding on the project management methodology used is important (Priyanka, 2016) The projects have uncertainty and constant change as traditional methods such as Prince2 don’t have the flexibility to adapt to change within the project (Azanha et al., 2017; Rigby, Sutherland and Noble, 2018)

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