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Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain: Opioids or Medical Marijuana?

The treatment of chronic pain conditions, especially muscle pain within the medical field, presents multiple problems and complications. Studies have placed the prevalence of chronic pain in the United States from 30-33% of the population. Currently, a common medical practice is the prescription of opioid analgesics (painkillers) such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine to provide pain relief. However, the abuse and addiction to opioid prescriptions has been on the rise.
Conduct some research on the pros and cons of using opioid medications to treat chronic pain. As of early 2018, 23 states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation to legalize medicinal marijuana as a treatment therapy for various issues, including chronic pain conditions. Research the pros and cons of medicinal marijuana to treat chronic pain.
From your research, what do you perceive to be the better option in treating chronic pain — prescription opioid medications or medicinal marijuana? Make sure you elaborate on your reasoning with your research, opinion(s) and any other comments you have on this topic. Provide appropriate citations for your resources.

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estriction of when everything could be broadcasted and timings. There was a timing called “toddlers’ truce”, which was then dropped in 1957. Later on, the first PDP (Plasma display panel) was then created in 1964. This was when more channels were added, meaning people had to buy new sets or update/ converter, 60% of households could watch ITV, and by 1961 80%. ( Television edged towards more popular and liked programmes such as; quiz shows, hospital dramas and soaps. ITV then brought and imported programmes from big countries, like America. BBC was forgotten as ITV brought in 70% of their viewers. This was when the BBC had changed to become more successful like ITV. In 1970, television saw a massive change in both the United States and the United Kingdom as more programs began to evolve. July 23rd, 1996 the first wral-Tv in the united stated was the very first station to broadcast digital TV signal, by 1998 HDTV sets became available I the united states, when broadcasts began in November. Sony announced an 11-inch television model was called the XEL-1 was first released in Japan 2007. Samsung being the world’s largest leading company for television, manufactured its first selling smart television in 2008. The big switch over from analogue to digital happened in 2009, this is when the FCC (Federal communications commission) commanded all United states-based signals should only be digitally transferred. The UK made the terrestrial switchover by October 2012, thus meaning that all channels were now digital. This obviously has a direct impact on jobs roles and employees in the UK, the growing age of communication and technology is vast and ever changing. Television has even moved away for the traditional image and programmes can now be accessed anywhere on portable devises and through streaming services. For example: Netflix originally was formed in 1998 and actually started as a DVD rental store. However due to the digital and technological changes the company and its job roles for production services changed and in 2010 streaming was launched becoming worldwide in 2012. Netflix have offices in London that aim to cover the UK market and reflect the UK culture and community. They have various teams of workers for the streaming service including, financial analysts, marketing, content teams and legal teams specifically dealing with UK laws, One major job role that will have changed is the Post Production team who partner with the Netflix Content Creative team

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