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Unaccelerated Performance

For your independent project, create an instructional presentation. Using/building on your previous drag (i.e., thrust-required) table and graph created in Module 3, generate additional power-required values in the table and depict the power-required curve for your aircraft.

Then, working with your derived thrust-required and/or power-required curves and table data, explain how to find various performance aspects for your aircraft, and provide the specific data for your example. At a minimum cover the following:

Maximum range airspeed
Maximum endurance airspeed
Best climb conditions
Best rate of climb (ROC) & associated airspeed
Best angle of climb (AOC) & associated airspeed
Maximum forward airspeed
Best glide airspeed
Additionally, discuss and highlight numerically on a specific example of how weight change influences performance events such as the best range or endurance.

Sample Solution

ule and Religion are some of the most important parts of history. Napoleon introduced one of the most important series of civil laws in his rule, and French history, the Napoleonic code, in 1804. Through this, citizenship, family and property were all standardized; Hereditary privilege was completely abolished, and all men were equalized under the law, but Napoleon completely eradicated women’s rights, not even sparing the already established rights women had during the French Revolution. Half the population was stripped of their freedom, something that was the key driving factor of the Revolution. As mentioned previously, Napoleon ruled as a dictator with absolute power, silencing free speech and publication. Furthermore, Napoleon jailed any dissidents and any voting taken place was always manipulated for the desired result, and his dictator control was strengthened through the private police, of which along with rigged elections, kept Napoleon in power. Contrastingly, Napoleon was also the one who gave freedom to the people through overthrowing the directory and mending catholic church relations, allowing the people of France to choose their own religion. Freedom, such an important aspect of life, was being bent and shaped in Napoleon’s hands, giving out and taking back just enough to ensure him power. Considered a master of propaganda, Napoleon manipulated information to exalt himself while holding others accountable for his failures. Liberal ideas were spread throughout Europe by imperial wars and slavery was reinstated to French Colonies. Havoc overtook Europe as all countries feared they would end up like France, with an overthrown monarchy and oppressive ruler. Through his use of Propaganda and Nationalism, Napoleon assembled large armies, invading any country who disagreed with his ideas. Famously worshipped by his troops, Napoleon’s loyalty to them was not returned. During the Egyptian campaign, plague-stricken soldiers were poisoned, and in the Russian campaign, some 30,000 soldiers were abandoned while Napoleon returned a hero. Furthermore, Napoleon had no second thought about killing French citizens in order to remain in power, for instance, in 1795, he did not hesitate to down the Parisian mob with cannons. Even though he spread conflict, Napoleon’s wars spread new ideas and institutions throughout Europe, reforming European tradition and spreading democratic and liberal ideas throughout, directly influencing the development of Europe which can still be seen in current day. He looked beyond partition and ideological attributes and recognized exceptional skills and talents that could support his vision of France. As Napoleon once said, “I care only for people who are useful to me, and only so long as they are useful.” These words portray his selfishness and control, but he remained a shining knight in armor to the peo

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