Wal-Mart: Strategic Plan

Just like any other organization, Wal-Mart works on a strategic plan that envisions the general scope of operation. Indeed, as a visionary organization, there are a number of things that motive the management and other publics of the company. This is what makes upon the core principles and the vision of the corporation. In order to make the company grow and achieve its objectives, a number of strategic planning has been done by Wal-Mart., This encompasses the use of various tactics and techniques in ensuring that the operations of the company are flowing and that the company remains to be the most proffered amongst its targeted customer.

The retail industry, in America and beyond is growing very fast with the level of competition increasing at a fast rate. While Wal-Mart has dominated the retail market in the United States, there has been increasing pressure from other retail stores such, Kmart, Target, ShopKo and Meijer, Commercial Mexicana, Soriana, Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club[1].


[1]Hitt M.A., Ireland R.D., Hoskisson R.E., 2010, Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization, California, CA: Cengage Learning


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