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ooking, and watching the children. Louis Satt would go work on tombstones all day, making a wage that could provide for his family. They were more than comfortable during their time outside the U.S but it was when they made the move to the states that everything changed. Hilda’s father would never have wanted Mrs.Satt, or any of his girls to have to work. But even he could not control what was to happen when he unfortunately became very ill and died in 1894. The family became poverty stricken and it changed the mother’s role dramatically. Hilda’s mom had never worked before, but she was forced to provide an income for the family. At the same time she was still maintaining the role of the traditional mother, she took care of the children, provided them with food, and was the glue of the family. However, a mom can only do so much when faced with hardship and she had to make sacrifices for the family that would unfortunately change the whole dynamic of the Satts. In fact, “children, by going to school and to work, did come in contact with forces in American life and had a better chance of becoming Americanized.” School was a place where opportunity was given to immigrants. Becoming part of the American culture meant a lot, and it offered a new way of life. It was very important for the girls to go to school, and therefore Rose and Hilda had both attended one. Rose ended up leaving school to work at a knitting factory and help support her mother. Then, at the age of 13 Hilda decided she was to join her sister. The wages they made were a necessity to support the family. It was a huge sacrifice made by the girls, and by the mother. The girls gave up on an education for a low paying salary that would offer them bare necessities. The mother allowed them to do so, even though it was upsetting to see them leave school. As any mother would, she wanted what was best for her daughters. But at the same time she knew this ever changing choice would allow the family to survive economically. They both made sacrifices for the bettering of the family and this was hard for the girls, but hardest for the mom who had to see the girls choose a less promising and exhausting way of life. Interestingly enough, Hilda had faced this same hardship when Bill had died. She had four children and Bill’s income was something they previously relied on. Hilda was forced to find work, just like her mother, and it was a great burden. Somethi

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