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West Consulting Customer Design Summary

You work as a network consultant for West Consulting, a graphic design and printing company. West Consulting is growing in customer and sales volume and, therefore, is expanding its local campus in Des Moines IA, and adding a test location in Australia.

You are tasked with designing a network to support their growth and expansion plan and drafting a proposal. You will work on this project over the next five weeks. The first task is to confirm your understanding of the project and outline your high-level plan to approach the design.

Refer to the West Consulting Network Design Summary document, which lists the network requirements and configuration details.

Create a Customer Design Summary that includes the following:

Project Summary
A description of the organization, the business environment, and the project purpose
Design Requirements
Desired functional network requirements, any technical constraints, and network performance or design goals
Existing High-Level Network Infrastructure Survey
Include both a logical topology diagram (layer 3) and a physical network diagram of current infrastructure and routing.
Implementation Plan
Description of a high-level network upgrade plan based on Cisco’s network design lifecycle principles and an explanation of how your plan addresses West Consulting’s goals and strategies

Sample Solution

ics, the experience, individual characteristics and abilities of the pioneer, and the third are part attributes, the inspiration, expertise and experience levels of gathering individuals (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). The situational qualities and part qualities have an expected way of behaving to guarantee most extreme gathering execution, they likewise have a favored way of behaving to guarantee the fulfillment of gathering individuals, on the off chance that the pioneers genuine way of behaving matches both the necessary way of behaving and favored conduct of the circumstance the result is greatest gathering execution and fulfillment. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the gathering are not performing and accomplishing objectives or are not fulfilled or both, then, at that point, the pioneer can alter their genuine way of behaving to work on this. Pioneers ready to screen execution and fulfillment, and comprehend what is expected to revise going on will accomplish ideal gathering execution in Chelladurai's model. The one restriction of Chealldurai's model is that it expects the pioneer is in a place of complete positional control over the gathering, and can carry out any initiative style fitting their personal preference without limitations. Positional power is the power and impact a pioneer has over a gathering, in the event that the pioneer has positional power, they will actually want to execute the administration style they best see fit for the circumstance. Positional power can't be estimated or measured, making it exceptionally questionable and difficult for a pioneer to comprehend whether they have it or how then, at that point, can acquire it. It turns into the obligation of the association to have strategies set up to give pioneers some positional power, for the most part by laying out an unmistakable hierarchal construction. By laying out an order, the pioneer is seen by the gathering to have the option to set expectations and expect consistence from them giving the pioneer genuine power (French and Raven, 1959). Besides, by furnishing the pioneer with the capacity to remunerate consistence and rebuff resistance from the gathering, the pioneer has reward and coercive power (French and Raven, 1959). To get total control over the gathering the pioneer should acquire the trust and conviction of the gathering that they are fit for progress, by guaranteeing the gathering are both fulfilled and meeting execution objectives. The significance of laying out an ordered progression became clear during the arranging phase of the open air administration course for the red group, the facilitators inside the group expected positions of authority however couldn't acquire positional power because of the group being a friend bunch (Pettinger, 2007). The pioneers chose had little power and impact over the gathering as everybody was seen to have similar position, status and occupation, subsequently the pioneers had none of French and Ravens five bases of force (Pettinger, 2007). The outcome was pioneers with no positional control over the gathering, so couldn't immediate the gathering with the strategy for administration expected for the circumstance. The undertaking had huge requirements, especially a brief period of time and an enormous gathering size, for this present circumstance Chelladurai suggests a dictatorial initiative style would be generally great (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). The pioneers endeavored an imperious initiative style, setting individual undertakings for the gathering, but because of the unfortunate chief part relations and absence of positional power the initiative design immediately turned into a majority rules system. The item was an incredibly ineffective labor force at first due to the time spent examining how was ideal to move toward the assignment. Due to how the pioneers were seen by the gathering there was minimal shared trust, regard or certainty that the pioneers were pursuing the right choices, and thus any administration style they attempted to carry out would have been fruitless (Pettinger, 2007). Eventually, on the off chance that the pioneers had dissected their situation and the gathering they would have understood this and picked a more equitable methodology at first the gathering would have

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