State formation and developmental path (Egypt)

This essay entails analyzing the economic, political, and social conditions and forces, which led to the establishment of the modern state in your country of interest. This is not supposed to be a laundry list of events, but rather an analysis of the key factors that shaped the formation of the modern state. This essay will provide essential background for the second essay.
Ill upload the rubric and the requirements in files.

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Is political theory useful or wishful?

Write clear, sharp, short sentences and move steadily through the argument. Do read the questions carefully!
Please remember to cite sources (abbreviated citations are fine, e.g. Author Name, Title, Page Number). You do not need to attach a Bibliography.

Please use Times New Roman 12 size font and normal margins, and remember to number pages and indicate your name on the paper. Please staple the essay.

Use one of these questions to write an essay on: Is political theory useful or wishful?

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Governance concept

write a paper focusing on the governance concept. In the paper you should a) discuss whether and how an interpretivist perspective on governance casts new light on the turn from government to governance; b) at the end state a discussion question f​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​or the seminar. This question should be related to the theme of your paper. Use a couple of sentences to explain why this question is interesting in relation to relevant literature. In the paper you should cite relevant course readings. At the seminar you also start the discussion of your questions by explaining why the question is interesting. o These criteria constitutes the basis for assessment and fulfilling all parts of the assignment according to instruction, including informed and active seminar participation, is required for a pass​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​.

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First Amendment, United States Constitution

“Congressshall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof…”

  • First Amendment, United States Constitution
    There are two parts to First Amendment religious freedom. The part before the comma is
    the Establishment Clause. Originally, most scholars think it just meant the federal
    government couldn’t establish an official religion for the nation. Over time, it has been
    interpreted more broadly to mean the government can’t promote any specific religion, or
    religion in general. This gets tricky. It’s why there can be a Christmas tree in front of City
    Hall in December, but not a Nativity Scene. A Christmas tree, while certainly a Christian
    symbol, is widely seen by many as more of a generic holiday decoration while a Nativity
    Scene is a depiction of a specific event in the Gospel of Luke, part of the Christian New
    The part after the comma is the Free Exercise Clause, and means the government can’t
    interfere with a person’s right to practice their religion in most cases. This can also get
    tricky. Courts have ruled that legitimate practitioners of certain indigenous American
    religions can use peyote – an illegal Schedule I controlled substance – in religious
    ceremonies. On the other hand, you can’t practice human sacrifice, no matter how
    sincerely you might believe in it.
    Joseph Kennedy was a football coach at Bremerton High School. He prayed at midfield
    after each game – first alone, but later with players and even some members of the
    opposing team joining him. After a scene that the school district describes as chaotic, with
    spectators and reporters knocking down members of the band in an effort to join Kennedy
    at midfield, the school district told him that his prayers violated the district’s policy and
    offered him other options to pray – for example, after the crowd had left. Kennedy
    continued to pray at games, prompting the district to place him on administrative leave
    and, eventually, decline to renew his contract for the following season.
    On the one hand, Kennedy – by all accounts – did this on his own, and those who joined him
    did so voluntarily. On the other hand, this was a public display of religion led by a
    government employee on a field owned and operated by the taxpayers in conjunction with
    a government-sponsored sporting event.
    Where should we draw the line between prohibiting the government from “establishing”
    religion and a policy that would unconstitutionally interfere with a person’s free exercise
    of their religious faith?
    Find the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District. Write
    our usual 2 page double spaced essay. Explain what the majority decided and why. Explain
    what a dissenting opinion is, and why Justice Sotomayor wrote one to disagree with her
    colleagues in this case. Finally, if you were on the U.S. Supreme Court, how would you rule
    in this case and why?

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Reagan’s presidency as “Teflon-coated,”

In 1983, Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder described Reagan’s presidency as “Teflon-coated,” because scandals surrounding his presidency seem to have no effect on his individual popularity. Is this a valid assessment of Reagan and his presidency?
Should Reagan (or the policies of any past presidents) be credited with the collapse of world communism, or was the end of the Cold War more a result of internal developments within the Soviet Union and the nations it dominated?

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International Politics

The subject of research is a comparative analysis of Palestine and Ukraine with the focus on the bias and different treatment of both cases in their fight.
points to address:

  1. fundamental human rights and media hypocrisy including empowering Ukraine and silencing Palestinian support.
  2. lack of aid and assistance from international community mainly western powers.
  3. sovereignty, territory, ethnic cleansing etc.

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Collective goods

Please compare the types of collective goods involved in the deaths of the Andrea Gail crew members in October 1991 and the deaths of Rob Hall and Scott
Fischer and some of their Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness climbers on Mount Everest in May 1996

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